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  1. CDC Fantasy League 2016-17

    20 mins in what may be the series and I am behind by 4points ...?
  2. CDC Fantasy League 2016-17

    Go you!
  3. CDC Fantasy League 2016-17

    I finally cursed myself with that look at moves making me points earlier ...lol I believe the tables are now turned...advantage:Winnipeg.
  4. I am here and Vancouver picks at 85th overall....Simon Stransky. Thank you all for a wonderful draft experience..unless i acquire more picks after i drive home, this has been fun!!
  5. Van selects (also from the Soooooooo)..... Tim Gettinger!
  6. Vancouver selects Henrik Borgstrom...from work, sorry no flashy stuff, can someone post who is next please?
  7. CDC Fantasy League 2015-16

    that was pick 58 i guess...
  8. CDC Fantasy League 2015-16

    I think we should type in the time of our picks when we pick....but only if its a real pick, not a tip inside or a wipe or a blow...i mean two nuckles deep picking action.
  9. sorry I am work and can not negotiate, so i am spending the pick.. Vancouver is very happy to see Luke Green is available, we want that Haligonian Hooligan on our club. Red Rover Red Rover, send Luke Green over!
  10. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    Early photos maybe but late night photos generally are just used as evidence lol
  11. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    Thankfully I am at the hotel and w Pender isn't that hardcore a street .. Stupidly I left every canucks hat I own on the hat rack when I left so I guess i am buying a new one to commemorate the occasion ..feels like a "millionaires" hat day...but we will see at the team store what jumps out at me Wish you all were here although I am hoarse right now and probably can't talk to the guys who made it ..have a good one everyone - OMG checked starting goalies just now and Joonas Korpisalo gets the nod !!!! I am a happy camper
  12. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    That is where I am headed to! Might have time to freshen uo and have a drink at my hotel first as i managed to cat tje 11 am sailing to tsawassen
  13. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    PACIFIC San Jose Sharks 357 Edmonton Oilers 333 Arizona Coyotes 325 Calgary Flames 315 Los Angeles Kings 305 Vancouver Canucks 286 Anaheim Ducks 276 CENTRAL Columbus Blue Jackets 370 Minnesota Wild 318 Winnipeg Jets 307 Dallas Stars 306 Nashville Predators 297 Colorado Avalanche 285 St Louis Blues 263 Chicago Blackhawks 245 METROPOLITAN New York Islanders 366 New Jersey Devils 357 Pittsburgh Penguins 350 Washington Capitals 288 New York Rangers 264 Philadelphia Flyers 255 Carolina Hurricanes 198 ATLANTIC Tampa Bay Lightning 489 Boston Bruins 417 Montreal Canadiens 410 Buffalo Sabres 356 Ottawa Senators 353 Florida Panthers 348 Detroit Redwings 230 Toronto Maple Leafs 226
  14. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    pretty.bad update but at least my logins have synced between phone and home
  15. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    Activation: The New York Rangers activate Eric Fehr from LTIR. Eric will slot into the RW 3rd line on our depth chart. Colton Sceviour will move to the fourth line RW position. Thank you R2C2X.