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    The Official Optimist Prime's blog, if you will allow for his creative licence, is a total ripoff of my Canucks.com login ID and 'persona' here at the website since April 2007.

    There does not appear to be any official or even unofficial reason why this guy was allowed to steal my name for blogging on the website. Nor has anyone reached out to me to try to explain anything to me regarding the need to a weekly officially recognized blog using my Login Name and accepted 'persona' by 50,000 plus registered members on CDC.

    I have mentioned this numerous times on the forums, and twice to the author of the made in an asian sweatshop knockoff Primes blog. Not even a 'sorry didnt see you there' note back to me.

    Therefore, i will stop trying to fight this injustice with my own blog and merely leave this space to occasionally note that the less than stellar 'insight' being put forward by the impostor IS NOT ME. The Real OP is the one who can bring reality to his insight in an optimistic way, not the watered down cheerleader in the 'official' ripoffblog. Have a good night, I am off to watch Crows team battle AVs team in Dallas, hope Cory has a great game.
  2. Optimist Prime
    Just a quick intro note to say that Game Time is in roughly half an hour for the Rangers game tonight, and I am not feeling this one...

    Sorry faithful, I do believe in our players, and our depth, but as the old war movie title says, this ones a bridge too far. I really hope they can prove me wrong tonight, that would be amazing, and I intend to watch every moment live. Which is why my introductory blog entry is a short one, I am off to watch and be amazed by my Nucks Resilience as they overcome huge odds and maybe even surprise me, one of their top fans tonight.

    I just feel that the injuries are too much to sustain a winning effort, even though I cheer Nucks every moment of every game, the old Optimist, just feels a tad pessimistic tonight. By the way, that is how you can tell me, The Real Optimist Prime, from the impostor who set up shop on the Canucks.com main page, my fellow Nuckleheads: You will find his blathering posts are more insanely out of proportion blind cheer leading than real Optimistic input.

    This Blog is here to change all that, and clear my GOOD name. Have a good night, and GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!! Make it tough for them Yankees.