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  1. Thankfully I am at the hotel and w Pender isn't that hardcore a street ..

    Stupidly I left every canucks hat I own on the hat rack when I left so I guess i am buying a new one to commemorate the occasion ..feels like a "millionaires" hat day...but we will see at the team store what jumps out at me 

    Wish you all were here although I am hoarse right now and probably can't talk to the guys who made it ..have a good one everyone - OMG checked starting goalies just now and Joonas Korpisalo gets the nod !!!! I am a happy camper 


  2. standingsWestern.png

    small.png San Jose Sharks 357
    small.png Edmonton Oilers 333
    small.png Arizona Coyotes 325
    small.png Calgary Flames 315
    small.png Los Angeles Kings 305
    small.png Vancouver Canucks 286
    small.png Anaheim Ducks 276

    small.png Columbus Blue Jackets 370
    small.png Minnesota Wild 318
    small.png Winnipeg Jets 307
    small.png Dallas Stars 306
    small.png Nashville Predators 297
    small.png Colorado Avalanche 285
    small.png St Louis Blues 263
    small.png Chicago Blackhawks 245


    small.png New York Islanders 366
    small.png New Jersey Devils 357
    small.png Pittsburgh Penguins 350
    small.png Washington Capitals 288
    small.png New York Rangers 264
    small.png Philadelphia Flyers 255
    small.png Carolina Hurricanes 198

    small.png Tampa Bay Lightning 489
    small.png Boston Bruins 417
    small.png Montreal Canadiens 410
    small.png Buffalo Sabres 356
    small.png Ottawa Senators 353
    small.png Florida Panthers 348
    small.png Detroit Redwings 230
    small.png Toronto Maple Leafs 226