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  1. where is the Ben Hutton talk?
  2. in all fairness Willie D does play a total four line game , and given the right talent I believe he would role lines and not worry about the lines like fans do
  3. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Why is there no Ben Hutton talk?
  4. I believe Baertschi and Vey are two of our prospects that will impress this year, due to age,state of development,and physical maturity , so yes i believe"Sven Can" be top six!! Much like Naslunds early years, pittsburg did like wise. Virtanen is just so young still , its in his best interest (imo) to get his game or so, then back down for a solid year and wjc . Go Canada!
  5. love the positivity , although i think the Ducks just edge us out for first , and the sedins style of play is not talked about enough , they can and probably will play 5 or more years because they have never relied on speed in their game. if the coaching staff can keep their minutes similar to last year there is no reason to think they will drop at all.Go Canucks Go!!
  6. (Article) Welcome to Vancouver's Long Messy Rebuild

    Sbisa is going to be an assitant captain!!!
  7. Laurence Gilman, Lorne Henning, Eric Crawford FIRED

    the three guys salaries might be the two playoff gate revenues we'll probably be missing next spring....Benning and the long game.
  8. What players will the Canucks target on July 1st?

    if we can get Frolik and Franson we will have had a great day...Go Canucks Go!!
  9. Hamilton to CAL [trade]

    between the 2 it will probably be in the 14-17 million range for 2 defencemen...lot of cap used up there
  10. i'm thinking Any top 10 pick is worth it...worst we get barzel or zacha best we get Porovov or werenski
  11. the Voices just said Jensen,Lack, Bieksa and the 23rd for the 9th and B.Burns...Go Canucks Go
  12. The Reason Why weve Never had a LEGIT #1 Dman

    just so you know we could of had Ray Borque also..
  13. actually in the last three years Higgins has outscored Burrows and has been alot more dependable health wise all the while making 2 million less in a cap world. we have to start looking at the dollars involved with the core, and Burrows and Bieksa are two of the most overpayed on this team for what they bring.
  14. This Summer is the Test for Benning

    Benning should try for a Miller /J.Thorton swap which would help both teams. both veteran players. throw a prospect/picks either way to make a deal work . D.sedin/H.sedin/Burrows Jensen/Beartschi/J.thorton/Vrbata Higgins/Bonino/Kassian/prospect Dorsett/Kenins/Horvat/Hansen Edler/Tanev Hamhuis/Weber/Corrado Sbisa/Stanton/Clendening Lack Markstrom deep ,solid, team that should score enough to allow the younger defencemen some room for error. and with a 1-2 of hank and joe our pp should be top 5 in the league. This draft we go for a top D prospect.
  15. [GDT] Canucks @ Flames | 4/25/15 | R1G6

    into my bucket of wine and waiting to hear a "Vey day,Vey day"call outa Houghie tonight! Go Canucks!!