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  1. What Should the Canucks Do When Guddy is Healthy?

    its really not a big deal to play 7 d and have a d-man take a forward shift here and there
  2. by this logic , we have no hope trading EG if he doesn't sign here. maybe a deal around EG and Kane with other pieces involved
  3. Seriously Botchford?

    one piece of advise , before reading anything from Biotch , repeat this , Botch is an Idiot! will all make sense
  4. A missile that can take out a country

    in another article it referenced a country of France and Great Britain , so yes a large populous country
  5. [GDT] Vancouver vs. Ottawa 7 PM PST

    i just realized that if we win every game , starting tonight, we will make the playoffs!!!!!!!!
  6. [GDT] Vancouver vs. Ottawa 7 PM PST

    5-3 Nucks!!
  7. where is the Ben Hutton talk?
  8. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Why is there no Ben Hutton talk?
  9. love the positivity , although i think the Ducks just edge us out for first , and the sedins style of play is not talked about enough , they can and probably will play 5 or more years because they have never relied on speed in their game. if the coaching staff can keep their minutes similar to last year there is no reason to think they will drop at all.Go Canucks Go!!
  10. [Trade] Sven Baertschi to Canucks

    people on this board need to factor in "Team Style of Play" he did not fit in with a grinding heavy forecheck style that Calgary plays. The Canucks on the other hand play a more more skilled possion based system that relies on speed and quick transition. A second for a 1st rounder with a couple years of development is a GOOD hockey trade. try looking at how we would be asessing a Kassian for a 2nd rounder? which is basically what we just got...Baertschi's skillset should translate to the Canucks and there is organization history to know what we are getting in return, i.e..previously being coached by Travis Green and scouted by Benning
  11. [Rumor] Ryan Miller to Vancouver Thread

    3 yrs @ 5 mil average with 7.5 first year and 5 second 2.5 third...he will give us a chance to win every game...worth every penny!
  12. [Report] Canucks wont ask Alex Edler to waive NTC

    uhm...Quinn had a little budget and he was way better than Gillis...Quinn will be in the hall of fame ..Gillis...not so much. but that is beside the point a money era you have to be able to play the home card...Minnesota is doing it quite successfully right now , and not with only homegrown talent but also talent that was developed there
  13. [Report] Canucks wont ask Alex Edler to waive NTC

    i believe Trevor is taking a bit of what Quinn captured in the 90's with a solid base of homegrowns accentuated by skilled euros
  14. [Report] Canucks wont ask Alex Edler to waive NTC

    Eberle IS already a 40 goal scorer...i'm not trying to argue ...but two unprover players do not equate to a canadian clutch player...Eberle is one of those "Special" players , when given the chance he can elevate his game to a level beyond his thought of skill set