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  1. RIP AV. You just killed yourself. Enjoy taking your gum chewing behind another bench.

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      we each have an opinion...mine hasn't changed this season...maybe, you just know more about hockey than i do...i know i've never coached in the nhl, so i could be wrong...

    3. Xbox


      AV did find someone to play with Kesler. His name is Roy and he is a pass first player. What more can you get?

    4. Xbox
  2. I expect a Canucks trade to be reported after the deadline

  3. Anyone transfer from UBC Science to Sauder?

  4. You dropped your pen there, GARRY!

  5. Hansen get 1 game, and Keith gets 5? Laughable, but not surprised!

  6. Canucks Team Store should start selling AV coins

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    2. ChenWei91


      Watch them charge $100.00 a coin, and people will still buy it...

    3. Brad Marchand
    4. Durl Dixsun
  7. How do you buy tickets from a scalper and make sure the tickets aren't fake? Make them scan at the gate and pay them?

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    2. Aladeen


      However http://canucks.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=40105 tells us that they cannot be verified prior to the game.

    3. Bertuzzi Babe

      Bertuzzi Babe

      It was a heads up.....nothing more. It would be a shame if a mod saw it first, is all.

    4. LostViking


      Get their driver's license info off them, I've seen people do that

  8. Who was that guy that got banned for speaking the truth about Sharpshooter?

  9. Solution to prevent people from making stupid thread: Bring Back The Minus!

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    2. Scott Hartnell's Mane

      Scott Hartnell's Mane

      Reverse psychology doesn't work on those who have no mind of their own.

    3. Heretic


      wish I could minus status updates. JK!

    4. n00bxQb


      IP and MAC address bans would be better

  10. Keith was boo'd all game long last night, does anybody have a clip of the booing or something? Thanks!

  11. For those of you going to the game tonight: I will be up in the nosebleeds boo'ing the sh!t out of Keith, you better do the same.

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    2. SkeeterHansen
    3. SkeeterHansen


      Correction: Beers?

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      This better be the loudest Canucks game on record !!! GO NUCKS !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Logan Couture looks like a rat/mouse.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Been saying this for while myself lol

  13. Anybody know when tickets will go on sale for February games?

    1. Aladeen


      Aladeen MoFo!

  14. UBC Question: Does it matter if I take ECON 102 before 101? I know there is no pre-req for 102 but would you recommend taking 101 first?

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    2. MillerGenuineDraft


      Nope! I have friends last semester that did Econ 101 and 102 together. Additionally, they are two completely different courses. I would recommend taking macro over micro anyways, it's more interesting.

    3. Aladeen


      It matters if you have OCD and have to make sure everything is in the right order at least numerically

    4. Kass9


      Thanks for the input, broskis!