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  1. yayeyaya


  3. We're both getting frustrated, hahaha!

  4. How is your record so good at nhl 10? Seriously.

  5. According to most dictionaries,

    Gangster; a member of a gang of criminals, esp. a racketeer.

    So, that, makes me not a gangster.

  6. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    It really does suck that the game is on at the same time as the fights. My friend has an iPhone. Updates for the win! If this UFC card wasn't so epic, I'd take the Canucks anyday.
  7. What makes me a gangster?

  8. Enjoy your ban.

  9. So that might be a yes.

  10. I know many people.

  11. No, but do you know me?

  12. Pretty good.

    Do I know you?

  13. AMIIRROOOOOO how you doing?