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  1. Lets be honest here. This team has nothing in the pipeline capable of replacing the sedins. #TANKFORMCJESUS
  2. loved the music, hated the goal song!
  3. Sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to say. There should really be a rule on this forum that only coherent English can be posted..........
  4. guess where we ranked.....
  5. Anyone else dislike the new goal song? You can barely hear it on TV and it really doesn't get you pumped up after a goal like Holiday did. It's boring, repetitive and doesn't have any character. Hopefully there are people who feel the same! It'll be nice if we had a goal song that actually reflects Vancouver and our team rather than some random snippet from another U2 song that really isn't even that catchy at all.
  6. In terms of TV numbers, they're actually one of the worst. Kings/devils stanley cup finals were the least watched finals since 2007 (OTT/ANA). Kings ranked in the bottom 5 in ratings this year. They aren't a hockey market. NBA will always be king in that market.
  7. False. Hawks/Rangers will probably end up bringing in gigantic numbers. Maybe even the highest ratings in NHL history. LA just isnt a hockey market.,0,3215873.column