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  1. Yeah, woulda taken this deal for sure.
  2. Haha go Weise! Like this.
  3. Welcome to Vancouver!
  4. Not official by any means, but I believe CAR will receive two 2nd-round picks and quite possibly Finnish prospect Aleksi Saarela Saarela, BTW, was a NYR 3rd round pick in 2015. Assuming he is, in fact, included in deal, @jhiitela will tell you all about him. -Bob Mckenzie Twitter
  5. ** never mind
  6. Horvat
  7. McCann gets drafted: "It is what it is." McCanns father when son makes NHL: "Oh. Okay." Chip off the ol' block
  8. Sending Shinkaruk to Utica is the bane of my existence. Come on.
  9. I live in California and the weather is around 80' F. I don't think we'll be getting any snow.