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  1. Cool brah but that doesn't preclude one of those guys from being the most important.
  2. Petey looks old AF, Virtanen looks like an older Jim Benning, Bo like the night king and then Boeser I'm pretty sure will actually look like that when he's older
  3. Supposedly Roussel played top 6 last year too..
  4. Don't remember where I saw it but it was reporting that his agent said they are looking for a $7M contract and don't care much about term. It seemed pretty legit, but at the same time, if true I'm surprised they haven't just signed him $7*8.. perhaps Canucks have some doubts and prefer a bridge deal but that would be surprising too.
  5. Over 7? Boeser's camp already said they would be happy with $7M, any term so that won't happen.
  6. What a beaut
  7. Considering his camp has been stuck on $7M I don't see how they would drop to 4... maybe $5M*1 they'd do..
  8. I think $6.9M*7 or $6M*3. If Boeser is looking for $7M and doesn't care about term, I don't see why they don't just lock him up at $7M*8.
  9. I guess according to that guy only Horvat, Petey and Boes qualify as "decent players"
  10. And how is that relevant to this thread?
  11. Yeah that's the idea.... rebuild being over means most of our top players are on the team and playing
  12. Yes.. same time $11.5M comes off from Sutter Baer and Pearson
  13. just take a look at cap friendly... who do we have to sign next year that makes you so worried?
  14. Also pretty dumb to mention three things that have been discussed ad nauseam and known to not be useful re. this contract..