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  1. his momentum??? maybe watch the video again... his natural momentum would not have allowed for him to make contact with the puck. since it actually seems like some of you are unable to watch the video frame by frame, here it is: PLEASE explain to me how his back skate is in the exact same position while his right skate has moved a whole foot towards the crease if it was his "momentum"
  2. OK but is this a new rulebook or something that you are referring to?? It doesn't matter if the puck touches the goalie or not after a kicking motion has occurred
  3. A kicking motion should be ANY, even the slightest, movement of a players skate directing the puck towards the net... its obvious to anyone with eyes that his skate moved towards the puck about an inch after he pivoted. this is a kicking motion. Your reply is pathetic... you should get your eyes checked.. he kicks his skate forward right after he "angled it".
  4. This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    you can click on them and see... possibly starting with "There is no question the Canucks are not ready to be consistently competitive in the March/April sense and will fall short of the playoffs this year" confused some people
  5. Mike Gillis Interview on TSN 1040 Part 2

    ~30 teams in the league on average during the period being discussed. 13 teams have won the cup. The chance that an American team is the winner is 76.67%. Therefore, the chance of all 13 winners being American teams is 3.16%. This takes into account that recurring winners are common. The probability that no Canadian team wins over a stretch of 24 cups is 0.17% (this does not take into account that recurring winners are a common occurrence). Please correct me if my math is wrong!
  6. Mike Gillis Interview on TSN 1040 Part 2

    How is it arbitrary when it is exactly what people's "conspiracy" arguments are based on? Those 7 team are based in Canada, the others in the US. I fail to see how that is an imaginary line. And the difference between the 11 US teams that haven't won and the 7 Canadian teams that haven't, is that 45.8% of US teams haven't won, while the # is 100% for Canadian teams. So the question is, what was the chance of all 7 Canadian teams falling into that group of 18.
  7. Mike Gillis Interview on TSN 1040 Part 2

    not really "meaningless"... 24 cups 0/7 Canadian teams have won the cup. 12/23 US teams have. Unless you are really trying to argue that there is a huge discrepancy between the quality of US and CAD teams assembled during this time, the odds of the above happening can be calculated, and it is not a high %.
  8. Jim Benning on Sportsnet 650

    I know you're joking, but this would be the worst... guarantees LA would continue to out-muscle us for another decade
  9. now that would be quite the dilemma... knowing his love for ketchup, I say he eats it
  10. doesn't matter - JG doesn't eat vegetables (aside from Ketchup)
  11. at least we know we'll get consistently s&*t reffing this game...
  13. Protecting our stars (Poll)

    there won't be any change (barring a trade)... Guddy was standing right behind Calvert in our crease after the incident, and nothing... just gotta be happy we're winning games
  14. Rating our trades

    When his opinion is the exact opposite of yours, it kinda is the same thing..