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  1. (Newest) 2018-2019 Time Capsule thread

    Goldy scores 20 in 70 games. Dahlen scores 3 in 6 games at end of year, all assisted by Pettersson. Hughes only plays 25 games but puts up 15 points.
  2. Happy Birthday, Loui Eriksson!

    deb? I thought his wife's name was Mikaela..
  3. Yeah clearly if it was numbers alone that mattered we would've had two brothers in the system again
  4. AHL: Lepsic Gaudette Gaunce Dahlen Juolevi Biega AHL or trade two of: Pouliot Hutton Gagner Goldy, Pettersson and Hughes make it
  5. Assuming you are just making fun of me and this didn't actually happen? I still think a new facility can sway a FA who is on the fence.
  6. Awesome! Always happy to have more rinks in the city, and who knows, a brand new practice facility may improve morale and maybe even attract some players.
  7. goals,goals...from who?

    Seems like you didn't waste the effort to read either..
  8. How injuries are affecting management decisions

    Well has anyone done an analysis on how many injuries were due to bad "puck luck" vs. muscle strains etc. that often result from poor recovery? It's still very possible that our puck luck is the same as before but the increase in games lost due to injury is actually due to recovery time.
  9. How injuries are affecting management decisions

    I think you have to assume that having better sleep/travel would improve recovery time and thus decrease injuries. I would however like to see the proof that JB cancelled these programs..
  10. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    I don't think there are any cases where someone who is successfully sent down loses trade value. Most of the time their value increases as the team trading for them can keep them in the AHL and bring them up whenever they want (no re-entry waivers).
  11. Battles at camp

    This is by far the best way to sum up these battles IMO. What I hope for is Gagner being waived, Goldy/Leipsic sharing the press box and being inserted into the lineup depending on who we are playing (with hope that Goldy plays his way into a permanent position). Gaudette, Dahlen or Archie being first call-ups depending on who needs to be replaced.
  12. Ok.. so lets looks at these 5 players and see how Toronto got them and what Vancouver was doing at the time.. 2009 - Leafs.. Kadri 7th overall, Canucks.. a wash thanks to MG 2010 - Leafs.. 1/2 Kessel, Canucks.. another wash thanks to MG thinking Ballard was worth a 1st 2011 - Leafs.. 1/2 Kessel, Canucks.. Jensen (JB could've done better..) 2012 - Leafs.. Rielly 5th overall, Canucks.. Gaunce 2013 - Leafs.. Gauthier drafted 21st overall, Canucks.. Schneider traded for Horvat NOW BENNING TAKES OVER 2014 - Nylander vs. Virtanen 2015 - Marner 4th overall, Boeser 23rd overall 2016 - Matthews 1st overall, Juolevi 6th overall Since JB has taken over, he has done just fine. As many other posters have already mentioned, Leafs started with early first rounders, Kadri and Rielly, whereas Canucks had to trade a star goalie to acquire Horvat. In addition (and again just repeating what others have said), Leafs got lucky winning 1st overall in 2016.
  13. Is there a difference in leadership?

    No brooding seems like a plus. Snapping at the media? That is just what the sharks here in Van want, so it's good they aren't being fed. Skirmishes at practice again seem to me to usually be a negative, signifying teammates aren't getting along. IMO, the environment this year is that the team needs to start winning hockey games; and its been made clear that the responsibility is on every individual player to better themselves to achieve this. I think it is a great culture to have especially at a time where a lot of young players are forming habits they will have their whole careers.
  14. Tryamkin they actually mention in the text and under "other notable prospects"
  15. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    I know @Odd. takes most of the credit, but I'd like to think I played a part in @Where'd Luongo?'s post (that has actual substance) at the top of this page..