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  1. that would be quite under-budget actually
  2. Thanks for the info haha. I think it's worth a watch Devils LOL
  3. Exactly.. I remember that series against Nashville almost better than any other because of how he played. Not to mention we were possibly could not have made the SCF that year without those efforts. To me, that's making a lasting impact.
  4. Someone saying they value on-ice performance over off-ice contributions ≠ them saying that they only support player's with problems away from the game
  5. Except that's not what the Canucks ROH is.. as defined in 2010 when it was launched, it's for "players who made a lasting impact on the franchise".
  6. OK but I just don't see how that first video could be a dive in any way (pretty sure he took a huge chop on this right skate from that Det player)... Which shows that once someone is on the "list", people become biased into thinking that every time that player takes a spill, they are diving. Point proven if you really believe he purposefully flopped onto his side in that video.
  7. Perhaps you should've chosen one that was actually a dive to put on the first page then..
  8. you know he either lost an edge there or the Det fwd hooked his right skate.. right..?
  9. IF anything I think we need more guys like that For me, Gaudette has been the biggest surprise by far. Didn't expect him to make it, yet let alone play so well and be so clutch. Can't say anyone else has really surprised me aside from maybe Marky playing so consistent
  10. we traded for Marky at pretty fair value but thank you org for sticking with this guy!!
  11. Who cares? It's a coach.. at an all-star game.. Personally I'm happy it's not Green - gives Petey Marky n Huggy more space to relax
  12. Good idea but Gallant strikes me as a head coach or bust kinda dude.. would be great if he would take such a role but I can't see it.