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  1. Was drafted by Det in 1st round but at the end, yeah. He's only 20 though. The other two don't even ring a bell for me. Funny how they are essentially 50% with this award (future prediction wise). Did pretty well with those 3 but of course McDavid was a gimme
  2. I guess Calgary seems like a big upgrade for someone from Manitoba..
  3. Not sure what you're confused about... you said you'd hands down move to Calgary out of any city in Canada, and your reason for that is that you would move anywhere if you had to?
  4. But this has nothing to do with the question?
  5. Maybe Mathias Bromé? Choosing between us and Detroit.
  6. Know what's funny? Go on the gov't of Canada website and they say there are like 5-10 probable cases in ALL OF CANADA. I am not joking.
  7. There are posters pushing their political agenda on a Canucks forum?? K (btw.. you may want to ignore those people if that truly is the case)
  8. there are barely enough tests to test them even once
  9. are you stupid or what? Gov't website, first bullet point... https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/latest-travel-health-advice.html
  10. Who the hell is talking about mail?? The issue is infected people who for some wild reason are still welcome into Canada.. see the US #s? See the Canadian #s? Mix in some exponential growth. Keeping those separate will keep the total of both down and you don't need to be a mathematician to know that.
  11. The difference is that the posters don't have a separate agenda like the "experts" in gov't making the decision. But I'm pretty sure you already know that.
  12. Shouldn't that be a given?
  13. the difference is they are still being paid....
  14. hope you are self isolating for 14 days..