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  1. If needed, can just shed his cap hit for a 5th round pick (as an example - I think he is worth more but no point getting into that), rather than losing him for nothing.. Have to automatically protect all players with NMC.
  2. Why? Sbisa has more value than Biega IMO..
  3. funny, during the game I didn't notice that guy come in after with a little crosscheck on Try I don't think I've ever seen a guy crosschecking someone in the back come out with the worst of it lol. BEAST
  4. I think he looks fine. Just needs to work on passing. If he was signed long term at the 3.5M he makes this year, I'd probably even think he does look good. Right now I wouldn't want to be giving him a raise, but in the summer? I bet he improves during the year and signs long term (4-5 years) for 4.5-5M.
  5. Horvat is a beast but Mr. Gillis didn't exactly get him for nothing As it stands now, I think even in arbitration he would have a hard time getting anything over 4M. I predict steady improvement this year and him signing 4.6M x 5 in the summer
  6. Well the obvious answer is that after the bridge deal, the player hopes to have proven himself and start earning more $ than if they had signed a long term deal to start. Maybe Hutty still wanted 6 years @ 4M but if the Canucks aren't interested he's not exactly in a position of power as an RFA.
  7. Solid little bridge deal. I bet he would've signed for less if Sbisa's contract wasn't 3.6
  8. right now, you don't play each team within your division, or conference, the exact same amount of times.. 13 other teams in our conference x 4 = 52 16 in other conference x 2 = 32 so you are already over 82 games there. + im pretty sure we play Arizona 5 times this year?
  9. what makes you think that? total games will increase but pretty sure each team still plays 82
  10. I never said WD told them to change something. Just saying that a better coach may have been able to maintain the excitement and momentum in the room through the second intermission and going into the 3rd. Whatever he did say/do - it didn't work..
  11. and i +'d your post before you posted this
  12. blackhawks may have been a bit better in the third than the rest of the game, but nucks were a lot worse.....
  13. Okay so plz explain why the team came out on their heels in the 3rd period with a 3 goal lead? so much excitement at the end of the 2nd and the room couldn't maintain it after a 15 minute break..
  14. puljujarvi would just be a risky trade as we'd be including a good prospect / picks in that as well. doubt edm is looking to trade him the later trade I kinda hope Edler is worth more than that :/ also they probably won't trade him within the division