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  1. Umm no it was doughty attempting to chirp the Canucks after getting blown out 8-2..
  2. Didn't like Pearson not dishing it to Virt for the easy empty netter.... especially after getting pressured the entire period.
  3. Would be better to just give the first unit a better chance of scoring though.
  4. You guys know the whole letter is on page 1 right... why still arguing?? That was a really thoughtful letter from Nazzy
  5. Benn looked awful the entire game IMO. Never even understood why he was locked into our top 6 D before training camp even started. Was hoping to be proven wrong but that wasn't a great start..
  6. Let's hope they don't have to do much maintaining!
  7. Horvat is the easy decision. Skill aside, Petey, Boes, Hughes are all better off under his wing than in the spotlight.
  8. “Toby Rieder hasn’t scored a goal. “Toby Rieder has missed so many breakaways. “If Toby Rieder had scored 12-14 goals, we’d have probably made the playoffs.”
  9. Not sure what you mean? He is waiver exempt which means he can go down to the AHL without another team being able to grab him. Edit - (which is the whole premise for what I said in my original post)
  10. Yes please!! Ferland - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Miller Baertschi - Gaudette - Leivo Sutter - Beagle - Virtanen
  11. Well that's where we disagree. I don't see him growing at all in Utica no matter how many minutes he plays or points he puts up. He needs to keep gaining confidence playing in the NHL. .