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  1. There really isn't much to be said about Green being hired. It was the obvious choice - there is no reason to put a young, rebuilding team under the extra pressure of a veteran coach. Why did Aquaman need to draw more attention to this pointless article?
  2. Thanks for saying what I was trying to in just one sentence
  3. I'll probably get some hate for this but I think this is an awful idea. Yes, I feel for people in these difficult (sometimes unavoidable) situations but at the same time, the world has always been about survival of the fittest. Do these people seriously need $1,400 a month, while doing absolutely nothing for society? I am certain that 50+% of the people that may benefit from this, could actually contribute in some way rather than sitting on their asses 16hrs/day waiting for their cheque to come in the mail. Also our current tax brackets in no way support this. A person earning minimum wage ($11.40 in Ontario) will earn under $24,000, paying 15% in taxes. They will be paying $4,000 in taxes to the same government that will be handing out an annual salary of only $3,000 less to those on the basic income plan.
  4. So one person is outraged they can't go to the mall between 12-2pm, and Tim is wasting time writing complaints to the city of Burnaby because he had to reschedule his dental appointment (obviously the sound of someone drilling into your teeth > jazz music) Oh Vancouver... this is beyond "first world problems". Some people's self-entitlement in this city is just too much..
  5. Okay well just let him go to arbitration then? True he has leverage, but an arbitrator doesn't look at that and I don't think he'd get anything over 4.
  6. Why exactly does Gudbranson deserve a raise??
  7. Funny, I'm the exact opposite. I think Stl/Nsh will beat Ana/Edm in 4-5 games in the conference finals.
  8. LOL you guys are far from one "if only" of winning the cup. Sure Talbot is hot - so are Allen and Rinne. Larsson and Nurse both looked like s*** and that was against an ice cold team. Good luck with McDavid and Draisatl carrying you past both Ana and Stl/Nsh..
  9. That may be a really good season- I still don't think he's a really good defenceman... average at best tbh
  10. I wouldn't call Dougie a "really good defenceman" personally.. he's always seemed like an airhead to me and I also doubt the announcer's comments about his intelligence are coming out of nowhere.
  11. If you watch the video they do mention the bodycheck so obviously that was considered. From what I see, Calvert had no idea the broken piece of his stick jabbed (more like grazed) Kuhnhackl's neck, and thought he was embellishing. IMO one game is more than enough.
  12. You seriously like it when the alternate jersey has the exact same colours (not to mention also the striping) as the home? I don't mean to bash your opinion, but I think you may be in the minority as we are one of (if not the only?) teams that has a 3rd jersey that is identical to their home (minus the crests).
  13. Actually black jerseys are considered to be the most intimidating... Also the whole point of a 3rd is for it to be an alternate (aka DIFFERENT) jersey - I don't even notice when we are wearing ours. Dunno about the logo but colour scheme of black/orange/yellow would be awesome to differentiate our 3rds.
  14. But why would Philly do this? They are loaded with young d-men ready to play more minutes - plus Tanev isn't exactly a guy for the mentorship role. And Megna? I think that pick would have to be a 2nd for them to even consider it (and not worth it for the nucks).
  15. Yes anyone can do that but there are lots of other things that Gaunce does well. Some players just need to find their scoring touch, and I refuse to write off a 22 year old who does a lot of things on the ice right and has a decent shot. Very true.. I do think Sbisa may have more value to the Canucks over the next 5 years.