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  1. Consider checking the "prime only" button. It should then show you product from much more legitimate sellers.
  2. Because something isn't point form it's not cohesive? You are right that certain teams (or at least their owners) may hesitate picking up a guy earning 0.7M if there's a high chance he would end up with their AHL club; problem is, teams are looking at the waiver wire for NHL players. Essentially, this strategy would only protect players who are destined for the AHL, who wouldn't be claimed off waivers anyways.
  3. Only half the team is going??
  4. Yeah but Parayko is already better.. I'd be shocked (but will remain hopeful) if Guddy deserves a contract like that next year.
  5. Well considering that we had 2nd pick in round 2, you'd hope that would be a player that could've gone in the 1st round. We could've even taken Hague, who a lot of scouts had ranked ~15th overall. As for Gadjovich, as good as he may end up being, size and hand-eye isn't all that makes a player and this is the first mention I've seen of him being a potential 1st rounder.
  6. "Who's improved most" and #1 lists "Keeping Stone and retaining Ferland and Versteeg" as accomplishments? I think Dallas and Carolina are no-brainers at #1/#2 for teams that have actually improved their roster. Calgary, Tampa and Toronto should all be lower.
  7. 5 lines and still no Boeser or Goldobin in your lineup? And Hutton as 9th dman..
  8. Haha, right on the money. I could actually see OJ taking away some games from Hutton, but realistically, it will probably take 2 dmen injuries before he gets a shot and steals someones spot.
  9. Agreed. With the league minimum being $650k it would seem they were haggling over $37,500... I can also see where the Canucks are coming from as I don't feel Chaput really deserves more than that, particularly on a one way. Personally I'd also rather see Burmy be given a chance at 4C.
  10. Yes he is. You are thinking of Dahlen. Problem with putting this in Canucks talk is that people don't even know who the #1 overall projection for next year is. Also seriously overrating Guddy Stech and Hutton imo.. they are all borderline top 4
  11. Cool thanks:)
  12. nice! can I use this for sig? guy is quickly becoming one of my faves
  13. I like the idea. We need a couple more big bodies
  14. But at least his mom was entertaining
  15. Please no... the guy was a healthy scratch last year and the nucks are now probably offering him 3+ mil??