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  1. Offfffff course it's Luo's fault. You douche. No mention of the bonehead plays by the D-men on those goals and the 2-on-1 in the first? No mind.
  2. You make an excellent case..... ....... ... for the reinstatement of the minuses!! Seriously, if the minus button was still here that green 14 would be more than offset by about 80 minuses right about now! Where's the love for all the GREAT work he's done in resigning key players to (IMO) below market value contracts and extensions??? Specifically I'm referring to the Sedins, Burrows, Bieksa, Salo, Hansen, Kesler, AND Luongo! Look, for the cap hit Luongo is a good deal regardless of what you think. And before you think he's only got a few good years left well that's pure speculation on your part. Look at the level Brodeur has maintained into his 40's? Luongo could do the same... we don't know. And yes, if we could move him then Schneider would be cheaper... at least for now. If Schneider continues to play like this then it's not long before he will demand as high (or likely higher) a contract as Luongo is getting... ever think of that??? Gillis is pretty much single-handedly responsible for the creation of this great team culture and made this team a place good players want to come and stay! Yes, there's been the odd player that didn't pan out, but is that MG's fault? Not very many people had a problem with Ballard's contract until he came and failed to produce as he had in Florida. You can't even regret that 1 year for Sundin as it is well documented that he had a huge influence on the Sedins and helping them emerge as players and leaders on this team (especially Henrik). And Booth is WAY to early to draw any conclusions on at this point but he has been playing much better of late. You're WAY off base here man.
  3. i'm now back at my old site...smithers joe can i move your friendship to there?

  4. good post on is hard to fathom, the hate some fans have for luo...sure he is struggling now but, we have lots to look forward to....welcome aboard...sometimes it feels like we are in the minority...

  5. I was going to comment on you're post,but it was locked.You are so right about the spelling etc.I think a whole bunch of english teachers should be smacked!