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  1. Anyone feel like they're taking advantage of the US? I know I don't. Trump accuses Canadians of smuggling U.S. goods across border OTTAWA -- U.S. President Donald Trump is accusing Canadians of buying goods in the U.S. and smuggling them home across the border because of tariffs, while pledging that Canada will no longer "take advantage" of the U.S. Speaking to the National Federation of Independent Business in D.C., Trump cited a story in a "major newspaper" about Canadians travelling to the United States and "smuggling things back in to Canada because the tariffs are so massive." It was not immediately clear which report he was referring to. Trump continued: "The tariffs to get common items back in to Canada are so high that they have to smuggle them in. They buy shoes and they wear 'em they scuff 'em up… We’re treated horribly." RELATED STORIES ThankCanada hashtag trending after Trump-Trudeau trade dispute A double dose of pointlessness: Two reasons Trump-Trudeau trade tiff irrelevant Canada-U.S. relations at a low after Trudeau-Trump trade tiff Trump offers alternative trade facts, calls Trudeau 'a very good guy' PHOTOS U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the National Federation of Independent Businesses 75th anniversary celebration, Tuesday, June 19, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) During his remarks, Trump said Canada likes to talk, and cited what he called the "tremendous" trade deficit the U.S. has with Canada. He once again floated going for bilateral trade deals with Canada and Mexico, rather than modernizing NAFTA. His comments come amid an ongoing trade and diplomatic spat. Canada has pledged $16.6 billion in countermeasures to respond to U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum. The dollar-for-dollar retaliations are on imports of steel, aluminum, and other products from the Unites States, including a wide-spanning list of goods such as coffee, chocolate, condiments, toiletries, beer kegs, whiskies, various household items, and motorboats. These tariffs are not set to come into effect until July 1, as consultation on the final list ended late last week. Trump expressed hope about resolving the ongoing dispute, but pledged: "Canada is not going to take advantage of the United States any longer." "We have to change our ways. We can no longer be the stupid country, we want to be the smart country. So hopefully we’ll be able to work it out with Canada," Trump said. As he spoke, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland began testifying at a House of Commons committee on the current state of the Canada-United States trade relationship.
  2. Well, my temperature is rising, got my feet on the floor
    Crazy people rocking 'cause they want to some more
    Let me in baby, I don't know what you got
    But you better take it easy 'cause this place is hot!

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      Nothing scarier than Alf walking around with nothing on except his underwear singing this song in the Nursing home:




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      Blues Brothers rule.

  3. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Oh that was close! Thank you Kane!
  4. Something similar - it was called "the Alien Transfer Exit Program (ATEP), or Lateral Repatriation." Obama’s Immigration Agencies Separated Children From Their Families, Too by Colin Kalmbacher | 6:51 pm, May 26th, 2018 The Trump administration has an intentional and explicit policy of separating migrant children from their families if caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border without permission. Long before that, however, the administration of Barack Obama ramped up a program with a sometimes similar effect. Since 2008, the United States has had a policy known as the Alien Transfer Exit Program (ATEP), or Lateral Repatriation. This program focuses on detaining male migrants of Mexican descent. Here’s how it works: Once an immigrant is caught attempting to cross the border without documentation, they are detained, flown or bused across the United States and then shown the exit at another segment of the U.S.-Mexico border–thousands of miles from their original point of entry. The Los Angeles Times described a typical use of Lateral Repatriation in a story about Luis Montes. The Times noted: Luis Montes was sanguine about his dire situation, but the ATEP program often leads to migrants being placed in completely unfamiliar surroundings where they are then subject to crime and abuse, according to libertarian outlet Reason. Sparingly used upon inception, the Obama administration drastically increased the use of ATEP in 2011, responding to a perceived increase in attempts at immigration into the United States by Mexican nationals. But immigrants’ rights activists had long cautioned that Lateral Repatriation breaks up families. The reason is fairly simple: many male Mexican nationals who are detained trying to cross the border often come with their families in tow. When ATEP is used, the men are captured and taken thousands of miles away, while their wives, partners and children are placed in immigrant detention centers. Eventually, the men are released into vastly different parts of Mexico than where they originally hailed from, while their families are likely to be deported near the original point of attempted entry. Mothers and older female relatives were typically given the option of staying with their children. Typically this meant being housed in a “family detention center,”most of which are located in Texas or Pennsylvania. Multiple stories about those family detention centers written during the Obama era–just not by the mainstream media. In particular, dozens of stories about the Nogales Placement Center in Nogales, Arizona particular were written by journalists at Shadowproof, a reader-supported media outlet, alone. Journalists for Shadowproof also frequently reported on the T. Don Hutto Residential Center in Taylor, Texas. Most media declined to investigate these facilities until fairly recently. According to Angelo Guisado, a staff attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights: Single Mexican fathers or men who traveled without an adult female companion while attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border with children, when subject to ATEP, had their children separated from them. Unaccompanied minors would then be placed into the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Such custody is supposed to be temporary and ORR is supposed to release children to an identified family member or sponsor. The Arizona-based group No More Deaths, along with various other human rights organizations, refers to ATEP as “a form of cruel and unusual punishment” and a fact sheet released by the group noted, “Very often, families are separated and sent to cities far away from each other. They are never told where to find their loved ones, and humanitarian organizations often have to go through the Mexican Consulate to get information about family members.” Additionally, No More Deaths says the practice of Lateral Repatriation, used by Customs and Border Protection, is largely shrouded in secrecy and operates largely without accountability. The group notes: Because of Homeland Security’s dismissal of the need for accountability, it’s unclear exactly how many children were separated from their families under this Obama-era policy. To be clear: the Obama administration’s use of ATEP was not intended to break-up families–that was an occasionally expected side effect–while Trump’s recently-confirmed policy is expressly directed toward that end in the name of “deterrence.”
  5. Well said @richado The following is not directed at you. As they say, there are 3 sides to every story: Yours, theirs and the truth.
  6. I fully agree with the bold part.
  7. Oh boy. You can't see the difference - fine, Yes, you and others seem to have "imposed" rules. - I am not allowed in any way to post memes that may offend anyone that may be liberal - but it's ok to offend someone that voted for Trump - I am not allowed to post anything in this thread that has nothing to do with Trump - yet it's ok for others to bring up anything against my beliefs - I am not allowed to label anyone in this thread - yet it's okay for others to do as they wish Shall I go on?
  8. Yet you brought up my beliefs - again. So why the 2 rules? One for me, one for you? I can't bring up something "related" to anything about Trump - but you can??? Wrong, I see/know the difference - stop being so obtuse and fixated on it.
  9. Did you ask for my compassion? No - instead you attacked me. I agreed with the OP. I just mentioned that it has been going on for a while. Course I have bloody compassion for those kids. What a stupid thing to ask someone or berate them for.
  10. Your point? (other than bullying)
  11. Cool - thanks - so no more mentioning that I'm a Christian then?
  12. Just pointing out how most of the Trump Haters only care about one thing - hate on Trump. There are Human Rights Violations occurring all over the globe. World Report 2018 summarizes key human rights issues in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide, drawing on events from late 2016 through November 2017. In his keynote essay, “The Pushback Against the Populist Challenge,” Executive Director Kenneth Roth says that the surge of authoritarian populists appears less inevitable than it did a year ago. Then, there seemed no stopping a series of politicians around the globe who claimed to speak for “the people” but built followings by demonizing unpopular minorities, attacking human rights principles, and fueling distrust of democratic institutions. Today, a popular reaction in a broad range of countries, bolstered by some political leaders with the courage to stand up for human rights, has left the fate of many of these populist agendas more uncertain. Download the Easy to Read version of the World Report 2018 keynote address.
  13. Was it "fake" news? It was posted by some Democrats. Wasn't my news.
  14. I didn't blame Obama. You misinterpreted my post. It had nothing to do with Obama.