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  1. This seems to be the only way we'll ever get a 1st over all pick - and he's Russian - Da Da Da!
  2. It just sucks - we were the 2nd worst team in the NHL last year, and we draft a kid that probably won't be playing for a few years...
  3. Seems he's not that "solid": “I don’t think I’m ready for the NHL, I need to become bigger and stronger,” said Pettersson after he was selected. “I’m aware of that and I’m going to work on it this summer.”
  4. WTH is up with using VGK as the abbreviation for Las Vegas?  Do we use TML for Toronto?  EDO for Edmonton?  ANK for Los Angeles Kings?  DRW for Detroit?  Should be LV, just like NJ is used for New Jersey.    Ok, maybe LVK (like LAK or TBL).  The city is Las Vegas, just like it's called Los Angeles.  Does anyone call them the Angeles Kings?  

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i thought EDO stood for erectile disorder. 

    3. Heretic


      @thejazz97 except it's the Las Vegas Golden Knights.  It's not Las Columbus Blue Jackets.

    4. thejazz97


      They dropped the 'Las'...

  5. How many games will it take for Vegas to get their first win?  

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    2. 48MPHSlapShot


      Looks like the correct answer is one xD

    3. PunjabiCanucks


      Canucks will go 4 and 0 like usual, stay above .500 until game 15 and then tank

    4. goalie13


      No later than their home opener vs Arizona.

  6. Arghhhhh....why couldn't we gotten him....
  7. Trying to get you to tell us how it is - instead of you just lashing out at other people's opinions.
  8. Hmnnn, hit a nerve did I?
  9. If that makes you feel better and justified - I guess that is what it is.
  10. Why do you disagree?
  11. Stop beating around the bush.
  12. Glad you agree, as you didn't offer a counter opinion.
  13. Not really, just the way it is. Now maybe if a Caucasian guy shot some people at a ball game in North Korea, they might be labeled as terrorism.