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  1. Who are the hotties in your sig??

  2. My team: WEST 6 Fowards D.Sedin/Burrows Kane Hossa/Toews Zetterberg Marleau/Heatley Franzen 4 Defensemen Lidstrom Boyle Keith Seabrook 2 Goalies Luongo Niemi EAST 6 Forwards Ovechkin Crosby Vanek Parise Backstrom Malkin 4 Defensemen Green Pronger Gonchar Letang 2 Goalies Theodore Fleury
  3. Okay, so I'm joining my friend's pool and I need some advice as to who might be some dark horses or sure fire picks. The pool works this way: Each team will consist of 24 players - 12 forwards (6 from each conference) - 8 defenseman (4 from each conference) - 4 Goalies (2 from each conference) How the Points are Tallied: Players Goals: 1pt Assists: 1pt OT Goals: 1pt Game Winning Goals: 1pt Goalies Assist: 1pt Goal: 1pt Win: 2pts Shutout: 3pts Here are my rough picks so far: WEST 6 Forwards Henrik Sedin Kane Hossa Zetterberg Marleau Franzen 4 Defensemen Lidstrom Rafalski Keith ?? 2 Goalies Niemi Luongo EAST 6 Forwards Ovechkin Crosby Vanek Parise Backstrom Semin 4 Defensemen Green Pronger Gonchar ?? 2 Goalies Ryan Miller Fleury Theodore? Brodeur? Any suggestions would be great! Who is always clutch? Thanks guys!
  4. whered you find the pics of those chicks in canucks jerseys =O. Chicks is one thing. Chicks in canucks uniform is a diff story

  5. HAHA I couldn't help but laugh at your user name and picture :D GOLD!!
  6. Hey Mathieu! I'm glad you are enjoying your time here in Vancouver. It's been great watching you play and being a strong addition to our team. Keep up the great work and happy birthday to Abigail too =) Gary
  7. Nice username!

  8. Happy Birthday!!

    and crazy username :P

  9. Ahaha thanks it's a recurring nickname and inside joke between my friends.

  10. Love the username