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  1. I always considered Marchand to be the Bruin's eunuch, so it's surprising to learn he actually has testicles..
  2. I'm just going to pretend this game ended on page 38 of this thread.
  3. It's "You're" not "Your."
  4. Give us a solid team effort tonight and make us proud boys!
  5. You have to hand it to the marketing department at Flames HQ for taking risks that appeal to their diverse fan base. This may cross the line, but at least it isn't the goal line.
  6. Every Canucks fan that purchased a ticket to that stinker should get a full refund and compensated for wasting their time. It was a great game if you're an Avs fan! The 'nucks effort was as embarrassing as the heritage clown suits they wore. Did the Millionaires team owner's Grandma knit those jerseys back in the 1890s? It's like they were forced to wear them to not hurt her feelings.. They make you long for the olden times of rabbit ears black and white television - back when the Leafs were relevant. Nobody wants that in a High-Def world, except for Laffs.
  7. My eyes are still bleeding from looking at those horrendous jerseys. The only way they could possibly look worse is if the taupe pants were Cooperalls. They are a case study in design failure and should be locked buried away in time capsule (or coffin). The colours, the stripes, the pants and logo are all BRUTAL! I can appreciate people have their own tastes, but only the Ottawa and Montreal "classic" sweaters are more hideous. Even the ghost of Ray Charles would agree. The Canucks cannot win wearing them because they know how ridiculous they look and are confused because their contracts are not with the Millionaires.. Or maybe they get paid the same per game salary players did 100 years ago when forced to wear them. It would explain their craptastic effort.
  8. I'd hate to see Kessel in a Canucks' uni.. Ick! Dreger can piss right off.
  9. +1! Lol. I had such a good chuckle from this Photochop I was compelled to offer a reply.
  10. Hahaha. I love your avatar. I must have been thinking of it when I picked my username. I know it popped in my head right after. I would ask if I could use it as my avatar too, but I wouldn't want to take away any credit for it.

  11. I think anyone that's posted in this thread would LOVE to see you say that to KB3 in person. LOVE IT. Just admit it already. You have a massive man crush on Kevin and are taking out your sexual frustrations in this thread because he TURNED YOU DOWN. Edit: Forgot to add that there's nothing wrong with having those feelings, unless you start stalking him.
  12. Dear Canuckelion, You only go to hell for suicide if you believe in God. Otherwise, you're all good. Bieksa FTW!
  13. I hear Lost is a remarkable show, but I've pretty much given up watching T.V. because Canucks games take up the majority of my time already haha.

    Really, a well thought out post from moi? I'll take it. :)

    Just to fit in with everyone else down here, "outstanding sig" !