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  1. Such a bad choke job.. Everyone's blaming Green, and he should take some blame for sure.. but the players need to take a lot of responsibility on that one.
  2. That's not offside at all.. wtf why challenge that
  3. I've always loved the edited Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation song as a goal song.
  4. Well if this is true, something is obviously in the works trade wise. Don’t see how we’d have the room for both him and Boeser right now.
  5. Yes, the Canucks have been the 2nd worst team in the NHL over the last 4 years. But only someone with blinders on didn’t see that this team took strides last year. I have my thoughts on this trade, don’t love it, don’t hate it. But no matter what side you are on, you can’t say that this trade didn’t just make us a better team for the next 2+ years with a talented top 6 center/winger. You can’t look at the last 4 seasons, and say that this team is the same and will continue that path, cause it’s not and it won’t.
  6. You keep saying this, but there’s nothing to back it up. There is as much chance the team makes the playoffs in the next 2 years as there is they miss the next 2 years.
  7. Can I have your crystal ball if you can see 2 years into the future? I’d really like to win the 50mil with Lotto Max.
  8. They had success when the stopped trying the 3 ball, then they started trying again and lost the game... it just wasn’t working for them tonight.