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  1. Celebrate what? Equal rights? That is something that should be celebrated.
  2. If the flow of traffic is going 10-20km/h over the speed limit, and you are doing the speed limit. Then it would actually be you who is putting every commuter around you at risk.
  3. Yes it is, and if you don't follow the law you face the consequences. I'm sure every single person who speeds is quite alright with that, or else they wouldn't speed.
  4. Well you can drive 80 in the right lane while everyone passes you going 100-120, along with the police. That is your choice, as it is everyone else's choice to go with the flow of traffic or not. If you want to stop speeders, become a cop.
  5. If you're doing 115, you're driving below the speed limit. If they are speeding that fast and the cops catch them, they will be ticketed. What this law is in place for, is to stop people from traveling in the left hand lane when there is no reason. The only reason to go into the left hand lane is to pass, once you are finished passing then you merge into the right lane. Far too often in BC you get people who use the left lane as a travel lane, and what this law does is makes it illegal which is a good thing.
  6. And get punched in the face when your taser misses the skinny moving objects? Good idea! Real life is not movies, cops do not shoot tasters or guns at legs that are constantly moving. They shoot the biggest target that doesn't move nearly as much, which is your torso.
  7. Well, decent season. Terrible playoffs.
  8. Well, Miller you blew that one.
  9. Getting a dual ticket is a great idea, if you can find a company who will give you an apprenticeship after you have your electrical ticket. If you get a welding ticket, then the IBEW will pretty much keep you working, but you will be doing a lot of welding and not so much electrical work. If you can get an instrumentation apprenticeship, then that would be great for you. Hard to get though. Dual ticket instrumentation/electrician is very sought after. But first, I would recommend getting your ticket and working a few years before you start looking into becoming dual ticketed.
  10. I'm an electrician as well, I stayed at home and worked and went away for school to TRU. I had my ticket at 23' and bought my house at 24 years old. I could move to Van and get a job tomorrow without ever having worked there. That's the beauty of our trade, we can go anywhere and get a job. I didn't go through the pre-apprentice program, but since you have that program it can never be taken away from you. Basically what the program does is make it easier to find a job than being 100% green. So I'm sure you will be fine taking a bit while making choices. One thing I'll say, if you want to move off the island for more job opportunity, then maybe somewhere not Vancouver? Vancouver is expensive and the pay isn't all that great. Try Kamloops or somewhere, join the IBEW out of Kamloops as its a very busy hall. You said you want to eventually be in industrial, then my advice to you is try and get on in an industrial setting as an apprentice, or it will make it tougher getting hired on once you have your ticket. I've done all 3 aspects, residential, commercial and industrial. I personally prefer industrial, and I work in mining, absolutely love all the different aspects to industrial. Especially PLCs and programming.
  11. The Canucks have had different colour schemes throughout their history. In Calgary, the red they chose is a very easy colour of red to match, plus their main jerseys since they have been in Atlanta have been red, so you see a lot of fans in old jerseys that still match the sea of red. You can't say the same for Vancouver if they are wearing a jersey from before 2007.
  12. Such a bad effort tonight, and now possibly without Hammer for a game.
  13. Canucks haven't skated all game, stood around and watched and been dominated.
  14. Well, that's game.