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  1. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    Honestly, neither do I. Yes, Burrows was a fan favourite, but honestly that is all he was. He never broke or set any records, wasn’t the best of players to play for our team, and he also had a lot of negatives from his antics that were not the greatest look for our team.
  2. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    Teams don’t retire players numbers of Burrows stature. He shouldn’t have his number retired, at most he could go into the ring of honour.
  3. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    Look at the teams Naslund played on, then look at the teams Burrows played on, when he was actually successful. Naslund and his line were the only threat on that team, you shut down Naslund, you shut down the team. In Burrows’ case, he had our 2 best ever players setting him up at all times, plus there were other lines on the team that were a threat to score. Teams had a much harder time defending the teams where Burrows was successful in the playoffs. Burrows was a good player, no doubt about it. But he was not Naslund, and he didn’t have as big of an affect on this franchise or his team as Naslund did.
  4. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    Not even close, Naslund was our superstar for years! He also was not on a team that was even nearly as close to dominant as that 2011 team. If Naslund was hurt, the team was screwed. The same can not be said about Burrows. He was a product of the Sedins. Yes he was a good player, but he was not a superstar and he could not carry a line or a team.
  5. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    I really enjoyed this movie! For a movie with not a ton of dialogue, it does really well with the settings and the feelings of unease throughout. I do agree with you about the ending, but horror movies seem to always have their cheese factor, that’s kinda what makes them great at times though! I just watched Hereditary in theatres, and I do not get the praise at all. I thought it was a terrible. A Quiet Place was a much better movie, to me at least.
  6. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    Naslund was by far the superior player between the two. Burrows doesn’t even come close.
  7. (waivers) Burrows

    I can’t believe people are actually suggesting to bring him back..
  8. Well if you read my other post, you would have read that I enjoy the hunt, but absolutely do not enjoy the kill. But please, keep telling me who I am and what I enjoy. You’re really good at it!
  9. You know absolutely nothing about me, so stop with the mentally unstable BS. I never said anywhere that I would act as if my life would be over if guns were outlawed. I told you that if the Canadian government ever tried banning guns that a lot of Canadians would raise hell, and they would. Me personally, I really wouldn’t care as I haven’t been hunting very long and I don’t have any memories of doing it as a kid, since I didn’t. If the Canadian government wanted to buy my guns off of me, then I would sell them. It will never happen, and until it does, I will enjoy hunting, and target shooting, and being a very responsible gun owner.
  10. It’s got nothing to do with a class or generational thing at all, but you are acting very smug for sure, I’ll give you that. So because you can turn a blind eye to where your meat comes from, and how it’s killed that makes you better than me, and every other hunter out there? Get a grip, you aren’t better than anyone. Oh, and I don’t need to add a lot of seasoning to the meat I shoot, cause it tastes a lot better than the mass produced meat you can buy from a grocery store.
  11. So tell me, do you eat meat at all? If so, how is that any better than me eating meat from something that I personally harvested, and butchered? I enjoy the hunt, but I get zero enjoyment out of the kill. But because I prefer to eat meat that I got myself rather than a cow that had a bolt put into its brain, I’m a caveman? Okay bud!
  12. Why do I need to hunt? Cause I enjoy it, and I love the meat from it. You are really on a high horse aren’t you? I don’t hunt to prove anything. I don’t keep trophies, I don’t ever take risky shots, and I would never kill anything that I’m not going to eat. I only hunt for food that feeds me, friends and family. I have no love for guns, but guns 100% do serve a purpose, you just disagree with the legitimate purpose I gave you.