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  1. Lol Perry just skated that into the net
  2. Henrik to Daniel, back to Henrik, back to Daniel, and back to Henrik, oh back to Daniel.. and back to Henrik.
  3. Don't look now Larsen haters, there's another assist for him.
  4. Yep, he needs to be in Utica as soon as possible. He's just not ready for the NHL yet, no point trying to force it.
  5. Our period starts in this game are not good...
  6. Or you know, they don't feel like he is ready to play in games yet? Just cause he's big, doesn't mean he's ready.
  7. Nice call Apricot! Nice out by Eriksson.
  8. Don't think it's WD. Cause the same issue was there with AV.
  9. Lol what were Tanev and Edler doing?
  10. Goalie equipment is bigger now than back in the day to protect the goalies. Players now, with comp sticks can shoot the puck way harder than back in the 70's and 80's. Hell, back then they could barely raise the puck.
  11. Not surprising that Burr is a healthy scratch. He hasn't looked great, and last night was his worst game so far. I am kinda shocked they are benching him in favor for a defenseman though.
  12. Way to mess that one up...
  13. Yeah, you're S.O.L if you don't have sn360 tonight.