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  1. [Report] Canucks recall Thatcher Demko

    His contract loses a year no matter where he is playing. He’s not a player playing in junior.
  2. Any camp jobs out BC or Alberta???

    Houle is a ibew company if I remember correctly, so to get hired by them he'd have to join his local hall and hope for a call.. which is never a bad idea if you can't find work. i would honestly suggest joining your local hall OP. Or even the Kamloops hall, they get a lot of industrial type of jobs. Camp jobs will be hard to get into right now without any experience, so joining the hall will get you that experience and a very good wage. I currently work a 2 on, 2 off at a new Mine in NW BC, but the competition to get into mining is very very high. You'll never beat someone out without 5+ years experience in an industrial setting.
  3. BC Election - Election Day, May 9

    Yeah, I was young the last time the NDP was in. But I know that it was a tough time for people working in industry back when the NDP were in charge. I know my dad was drastically effected by it, and he's informed me how pretty much all industry back in the 90's was hit hard. He was resourceful and got out of the sawmills and bought into an electrical company to keep being successful, but a lot of people weren't nearly as lucky. People without the skilled trades were definitely hurting bad back then, I really don't want to see that happen again, the province can't afford it. We've already been hit hard from the oil fields laying off thousands, not nearly as hard as Alberta, but we need these new mines that are starting to get those people laid off from the patch back to making $80k/yr.
  4. BC Election - Election Day, May 9

    As some one who works in mining as an electrician, I worry that if the NDP gets in that will end any hope for Ajax getting approval. I'm banking on that mine so I can get back to working at home instead of traveling for work.
  5. The Case Against Travis Green

    It actually doesn't say anything about their system. It says a lot about the offensive ability on our farm team though. You can play a wide open game every night and finish dead last in scoring, if you do t have the talent to put the puck in the net.
  6. The Case Against Travis Green

    If you've looked at Utica's teams, just like Vancouvers teams these last few years, you aren't going to have high scoring teams, it's just not possible. People wanted rid of WD due to his personelle decisions, most people understood that this team didn't have what it took to be scoring 4 goals a game and be competitive. Both Green and WD coached to win with what they had, and Green got told what system he had to run since WD took over the head coaching gig of the Canucks. Im not saying Green is the best choice or that I want him, but he has proven he can coach young kids and he can coach a fast paced, high scoring team if he has the pieces available to him that complement that style of game.
  7. The Case Against Travis Green

    Travis Green was given what system to run in Utica by the Canucks. The Canucks wanted their farm team to play the same system, so that when players needed to be called up they could step in without having to drastically change systems..
  8. Yes, alcohol is legal but still tested for which is perfectly fine, since you don't want someone who is drunk on the job, or high on the job. They should still test for marijuana, but they need to change how they test for it. It should no longer be a urine test, but a test that actually shows how much THC is in your system, unlike the urine test which shows if you have taken marijuana in the last few weeks/months.
  9. That is one thing I wonder about. Once weed becomes legal, then companies should have to change how they are drug testing for it. Since it shows up in urine for weeks/months, that is no longer a viable option. They will have to do mouth swab testing or something along those lines to tell how much is in your system at the time. Cause if it's legal, and the person is on days off then people should be allowed to smoke it, just like you're allowed to drink as long as you don't have any in your system by the time you are back to work.
  10. Time for Tankers to face the TRUTH.

    Just curious how else you would expect to replace the Sedins? Teams aren't really keen on trading their superstars for nothing, and usually re-sign them before they become free agents. If there is a deal to bring in a young superstar that makes sense, then I'm sure Benning would be all over it. But those deals don't really exist. Drafting is really the only way to replace your aging superstars, or have something that another team wants. Everyone blames Linden and Benning for the place we are in, where really what they inherited was exactly this. They have done a good job so far brining in a young defense and getting some younger players. But when the future has been sold for years, this is what your team looks like when your players get old and can't produce like they used to. We had no one to step in and take over, we've gotta get those players through the draft.
  11. Nice Hutton haha i love you Baertschi!
  12. Canucks Claim Reid Boucher Off Waivers

    I'm assuming cause Rattie was a star in the WHL a few years back for the Portland Winterhawks. He was a really good player, and he made team Canada's World Junior team. I don't think Rattie has been able to carry on his success that he had for Portland in the W though, but I also haven't followed him since he left the WHL.
  13. Canucks Claim Reid Boucher Off Waivers

    So you think Rodin is done given the 2 games he's played this year? The guy just got back from a serious injury, is basically a rookie in the NHL and hasn't played bad in his 2 games. Rodin isn't going anywhere anytime soon, he is more talented than Gaunce/Megna/Chaput. I don't see JB waiving Rodin. They are being cautious with Rodin, who has missed half a year and just coming off a major injury. They aren't going to rush him into big minutes or playing consecutive games until he gets into proper game shape..
  14. Canucks Claim Reid Boucher Off Waivers

    We've really done nothing for him. He played great in pre-season and reaggrivated his knee injury. Since being healthy WD has given him 2 games, and he really hasn't looked terrible in either game. Lots of fans expectations are just completely out to lunch. I don't see Rodin getting the boot after 2 regular season games. He's still getting up to speed while the rest of the team has played nearly half a season. Rodin is going to get some time to showcase what he can do in a Canuck uniform, but they aren't going to rush him back into the lineup and risk re-injury.