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  1. (waivers) Burrows

    I can’t believe people are actually suggesting to bring him back..
  2. Well if you read my other post, you would have read that I enjoy the hunt, but absolutely do not enjoy the kill. But please, keep telling me who I am and what I enjoy. You’re really good at it!
  3. You know absolutely nothing about me, so stop with the mentally unstable BS. I never said anywhere that I would act as if my life would be over if guns were outlawed. I told you that if the Canadian government ever tried banning guns that a lot of Canadians would raise hell, and they would. Me personally, I really wouldn’t care as I haven’t been hunting very long and I don’t have any memories of doing it as a kid, since I didn’t. If the Canadian government wanted to buy my guns off of me, then I would sell them. It will never happen, and until it does, I will enjoy hunting, and target shooting, and being a very responsible gun owner.
  4. It’s got nothing to do with a class or generational thing at all, but you are acting very smug for sure, I’ll give you that. So because you can turn a blind eye to where your meat comes from, and how it’s killed that makes you better than me, and every other hunter out there? Get a grip, you aren’t better than anyone. Oh, and I don’t need to add a lot of seasoning to the meat I shoot, cause it tastes a lot better than the mass produced meat you can buy from a grocery store.
  5. So tell me, do you eat meat at all? If so, how is that any better than me eating meat from something that I personally harvested, and butchered? I enjoy the hunt, but I get zero enjoyment out of the kill. But because I prefer to eat meat that I got myself rather than a cow that had a bolt put into its brain, I’m a caveman? Okay bud!
  6. Why do I need to hunt? Cause I enjoy it, and I love the meat from it. You are really on a high horse aren’t you? I don’t hunt to prove anything. I don’t keep trophies, I don’t ever take risky shots, and I would never kill anything that I’m not going to eat. I only hunt for food that feeds me, friends and family. I have no love for guns, but guns 100% do serve a purpose, you just disagree with the legitimate purpose I gave you.
  7. Yeah you’re wrong about Canadians then.. There would be a huge uproar, lots of Canadians own rifles for hunting, me being one of them. Just because you see no purpose to guns, doesn’t mean others don’t. I do agree that guns need to be regulated and have restrictions, which in Canada they do. But if the government tried to do an all out ban, you would see a lot of protesting, and it wouldn’t happen.
  8. OMG Snow?

    Honestly that’s how a lot of BCs snow is, not just Vancouver. I grew up in Revelstoke and it was odd if our snow wasn’t wet. BC doesn’t really get the real frigid temperatures to give most of the province that champagne powder.. lots of it is great compacting snow.
  9. Well guns aren’t outlawed in Canada, and if the Canadian government tried to ban all guns, there would be a MASSIVE uproar and it wouldn’t happen.
  10. Is Vey, Ebbett, Raymond actually our best players? Or is that just a Willie love obsession, cause they’re always on the ice.
  11. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    I get no joy watching the rivals of my team win championships. I don’t look at a Canadian team in the NHL as Canada’s team and someone to get behind. Those are teams that I hate, due to the rivalries they’ve had with the team I’ve loved for 30 years. If I were in their shoes, playing for a team that drafted me, I would feel loyal to them. Sure, I’d love to play for the Canucks cause I grew up idolizing them, but I’m sure once you are a star in the NHL, that doesn’t really enter your mind anymore. And a lot of the superstars you have mentioned have only ever played on one team, they are loyal to that team. And yes, the olympics is only once every 4 years, and sadly the NHL stopped their players from going, which pissed a lot of players off, because they wanted to go play for their countries. Those guys wanted to go play for Canada, and that is how they show their pride to being Canadian! But playing for their country! I didn’t mean the World Cup that the NHL decided to put on cause they wanted money, sorry. I meant the World Championships, which happens every year around playoff time, which a lot of superstars go play in, cause they want to play for their country and bring joy to their country. Gretzky choosing NYR over the Canucks was all on our GM. Wayne wanted to come here, but he wasn’t going to put up with a bunch of BS to do so.
  12. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    Haha no I’m definitely aware.. I just didn’t think he could actually be serious about Those guys being Canadian Sell outs.
  13. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    You can’t look at the NHL as a Canada vs America thing, and this is were your point is skewed. These teams aren’t playing for nationalities, just because they reside in a certain country, there is no country pride behind these games. If Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto never won another cup in their franchises histories, I’d be super happy. I would get no joy in those teams winning a cup, so even if some of those star players were playing in Canada, in those teams I would receive no joy from that, actually I’d much prefer an American team winning over those teams. Where I get National joy from, is the Olympics, and the World Cup.. and surprise, each of those players play or played for Team Canada. If they decided to recinde their Canadian Nationality and play for the States cause a parent was born there or something, then yes, I would totally agree with you about them being Canadian sell outs, but none of them did. They are all very proud Canadian boys, and win Canada medals when it comes to International Tournaments.
  14. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    Uhhh what?