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  1. Finally got a nuke. 35-1-3 on Estate. It was pretty anticlimactic...
  2. Damn. I just went 23-1-0. Closest I've come to getting the nuke. I have to get better with the AC130/Chopper Gunner if I'm going to get my nuke.
  3. I'm on 360. Gamertag is BradMar if you want to add me.
  4. Anyone playing on 360? If so, add me up. Gamertag, "BradMar".
  5. Gift Shop - Tragically Hip
  6. It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man - Matthew Good
  7. Awesome. I came into this thread to post that I am currently listening to Born Losers. Do you have tab for it? I'd love to try to learn it.
  8. happy b-day!!...again :P

  9. Dude, do you play Continuum?

  10. Good choice. Prison Mike is the s**t.

  11. I'll have you know that I stole your avatar to use as my msn display picture.