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  1. Let's redo the 1988 draft when Trevor Linden was picked 2nd. A re-do would see Linden picked 8th or 9th?
  2. For the most part, Youtube highlights showed an over-ager playing against 17-18 year olds. Although the highlights showed some passing near the end, my observation from Tuesday UBC practice and Thursday's game was that he's a combination puck hound and a puck hog who does not pass. And when he did pass (to Boeser), he should have shot.
  3. I thought Dahlen looked good - he got all those breakaways and he sniped with authority when cutting in on goal. Pettersson looked alright. He and Dahlen were together all the time. Gunnarsson was in-your-face when defending. Virtually the only one hitting. Seem a bit out of place in this non-hitting practice. I believe it was him who he nailed Boeser into the corner boards. No Lockwood on ice. Boeser has some nice close-in moves. Gaudette received some bad passes when attempting to go around the D. He managed to make something out of nothing but I don't think it'll be his signature move. While a good skater, Rathbone didn't seem to be an outlier in his skating and he allowed Parizuk to get the better of him when he received a second crosscheck that sent him to the ice after he retaliated with a slash on the first. It didn't go further because the whistle went for the line change. Brisebois broke up a few plays and he sniped one into the net with authority. MacEwen skated well but doesn't look like he passes. Lind, McKenzie not all that noticeable. Didn't see much of Juolevi - he was on the other side of the rink most of the time. Palmu shot at everything that came his way.
  4. For some reason, Blake Comeau (ex-Rocket, 2nd rounder, WJC roster player) was the first name that popped into mind when watching his highlights. Hope I'm wrong although Comeau has played 641 games, which is pretty good for a 2nd rounder..
  5. Is he worth $5.5M?
  6. Yes, I see Bobby Orr. After watching some old Orr highlights and then Dahlin's, I got a sense of deja vu.
  7. I believe the 1981 team had Canucks picks Garth Butcher, Moe Lemay and Frank Caprice...................................... Exactly.
  8. Wasn't EP one of the younger players on the Swedish WJC roster? (which would explain his low production)
  9. He has not grown an inch since last draft. Didn't Luchuk score the Memorial Cup winning goal? Lots of Spitfires on the camp roster.
  10. 5 on 5 in the first period, then 4 on 4 and 3 on 3. Possibly shootouts? Hope there's no chariot races or other inane antics. No injuries please.
  11. Not the smallest player drafted by the Canucks. Anyone remember Bobby Lalonde? http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=2921
  12. Looks like size is available at 33 - 6'6" Isaac Ratcliffe, LW and 6'5'' Nic Hague, D. Hockey News rated them 20 and 22.
  13. Re Vilardi, it's telling that Detroit didn't pick him when he was just playing across the river in Windsor and could scout him readily.
  14. I seem to remember Peter Forsberg was 167 lbs when drafted by Philly way back when.
  15. Potential goon squad - Reaves, Gazdic, Manson, Dotchin. How will a goon squad play to a Vegas crowd weaned on boxing spectacles? Given potential first year blues, they need some kind of excitement.