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  1. would he complement Motte (2 speedy, hard working, physical wingers on a 4th line) or replace Motte?
  2. From what I remember, Duncan Keith was terrible those first couple years - slight, constantly losing pucks and falling to the ice. I remember a Canuck sped by him scoring the winning goal while Keith wiped himself out at centre ice. It was only later on that he became a stud.
  3. Zack MacEwen 17-18 stats - 66 games 10 goals 23 assists 33 points. Lind won't be matching ZM's stats (although Zack was older last year than Lind is now).
  4. It took Bertuzzi 5 years before he got 50 pts, 6 yrs to 55 pts, 7yrs to 85 pts. I'll give him a couple more years but that was a good point comparing him vs Bo.
  5. Also that I could not get a full screen of that GIF.
  6. My bad. Eyesight playing tricks on me. Earlier when I was watching it, it sure looked like a left-handed slapshot. Now it looks like a right-handed slapshot. Sort of like the crone or young girl with Victorian hat illusion.
  7. Looks like a left handed slapshot. Not Karlsson unless he tipped the puck in front of the net.
  8. All this hype for the next Nathan Gerbe.
  9. Thanks, UH. One would have thought JD would be more battle ready since his dad was one of the better European corner/board players in his time in the NHL.
  10. @UticaHockey, how does Dahlen compare to Shinkaruk?
  11. Looks like the foundation of future Team Americas is on the Canucks - Boeser, Hughes, Demko, Gaudette, Maddenand maybe Lockwood, Rathbone.
  12. I see QH as a Torey Krug type, only with better skating. His shot can be improved via practice, time in the weight room and improving stick technology. Aside: who was that 5'9" defenseman with the Leafs and Canada's WJC team with the wicked shot. Press guys were saying it was the stick technology.
  13. Post-game to Russia game on TSN, McKenzie or ONeill were slagging Bouchard on his ineffectiveness on the PP.
  14. Will he end up having a Scott Neidermayer-type career or a Paul Coffey-type career? Neidermayer would have had Coffey/Bourque numbers if he was anywhere but Jersey.