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  1. Buy out Higgins. Give Burrows 10 games, if ineffective, then waive him and give him the Mike Keane role by making him player-coach with Utica.
  2. Pick up Frans Nielsen and you've got an all-Danish line of Boedker, Nielsen and Hansen.
  3. To answer my own question, Helm was coached by WD. He'll be a Canuck. Speed to burn, both him and Boeddker.
  4. Helm coached by Willie?
  5. Dale Hunter was never a dman.
  6. Hoping he becomes the next Jyrki Lumme, the best Finnish defenceman on the Canucks ever. Better than Salo.
  7. Vaive could snipe like Neely and even though his penalty totals were high, I felt they were inflated with lots of last minute misconducts, esp. in juniors and with the Birmingham Bulls in the WHA. I don't think he was as tough as Neely.
  8. Upside - Tiger brought us a Cup Final. Vaive, Derlago - for all their goals, they never got close to the Cup Final.
  9. Watch his brother with the Wild in the playoffs this year. He looked pretty good scoring this OT goal a couple years ago. If Markus can do something like this, then he's a legit player.
  10. Why can't he pull a Joe Thornton-lite next year? Big Joe is one year older than Henrik but he finished 4th in scoring this year.
  11. air travel doesn't help.
  12. Wow, Miami real estate problems sure sounds like Vancouver's. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/real-estate-news/article69248462.html
  13. Watching the videos from the Comet's Youtube channel, Labate seems to be a huge (6'4'') factor on the PP standing in front of the net. In a recent game, even though he didn't get a point, he was a factor in 3 of the 5 goals. And tonight, he scores 2 goals.
  14. Puljujarvi reminds me of Mats Sundin, so JP.
  15. did virtanen just pop his shoulder?