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  1. Guessing that Patrick White became Erhoff.
  2. Looks like McCann.
  3. Just needs a skills coach.
  4. Who was the centre on that line?
  5. Didn't JA play on the same London Knights team as Bo? So they might have chemistry already.
  6. Just riffing on a no patent scenario (after reading this article and the other article on Drudge about Putin and the 5 dead scientists who were building a super weapon) - Putin gets hold of it. Weaponizes it. Using AI and mirrors to weaponize the concentrated solar energy. A form of a ray gun or cannon?
  7. blast from the past (once seen, can't be unseen)
  8. I think Alf was talking about the more recent play when he tried it in the slot, when he could have shot.
  9. Horvat before this game was at -8. How did he ended up with that? Based on highlights, seems Pearson has problems getting the puck out of his zone.
  10. Good to get it out of his system but it's a hot dog move. Robbie Schremp once did a similar move at a Prospect game on a 2 on 1, iirc. Where did it get him? Islander/Oilers/German league. Risky hockey play but also dangerous - he could've skated over the defenseman's legs; his shot and/or stick could've hit player's head/face/eyes.
  11. Bob Gainey was never a big scorer but Montreal picked him first round in 73 or 74. He was an elite defensive forward, became captain of the Canadiens and if I remember correctly, the Russian coach said he was the best player (ahead of Lafleur, Lemaire, Shutt, Robinson, etc) in that Canadiens vs Russia New Year Eve's match. I see Podz as a Gainey/Burrows hybrid. And he was also current asst coach Doug Jarvis' partner-in-crime.
  12. In the battle between 24 yo free agents and after the double shutouts, Teves is +11, Rafferty is +9.