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  1. Vera Lynn also referenced in the Kinks' Mr Churchill Says from their 1969 album Arthur
  2. Wow, moving up 22 spots.
  3. That 82 team had some tough customers - Fraser, Smyl, Williams, Delorme, Snepsts, Nill, Minor, even Colin Campbell.
  4. No. 2 former #1s for a small defensively-deficient hot-head who's in a comfort zone in NY (and probably only in NY)? I thought Benning wanted character guys.
  5. Always liked former Canuck Larry (Izzy) Goodenough.
  6. Maybe the Canucks Autism Network (CAN) can play a role here. I've seen them do good things.
  7. And replace Loui as part of the empty net squad. 18 and he's playing in the last minute of games.
  8. Wife works for the Dodgers. Anaheim calling? https://twitter.com/catbtoffoli As to style of play, I was watching the highlights of all his goals for the last 2 years and yes, he reminds me of an older Boeser. Good backhander, knows how to score, nice cut to the inside move. He did win the OHL scoring title one year. Since he started under Sutter, presumably he's decent defensively.
  9. IIrc there were 2 Bob Kelly's - Bulldog with Philly and Battleship with Pittsburgh.
  10. Guessing that Patrick White became Erhoff.
  11. Looks like McCann.
  12. Just needs a skills coach.
  13. Who was the centre on that line?