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  1. I constantly listen to the games on the Team at work...I laughed so hard at this...then again I laugh at most of these hahaha.
  2. Lovin' the new Radiohead...already pre-ordered it.
  3. Hooray for pinning and a bigger hooray for Burr who is on a sick tear. Longest active point streak in the league right now! Keep chugging Burr, you can do it! Hooray!
  4. Thank you for the compliment on the GDT

  5. Check out the sig request thread you made, there's something there for you.

  6. Pinned! Huzzah! Thank you Stealth and thank you clutch, great stuff here. Oh...and thanks Burr!
  7. Everyone needs to go and vote down Clutch's original post...for good reason. I want to see that post at at least -100.
  8. Hey...just wondering if you got my message because I'm not sure if it's working after my name change. This is Morello/Cancuk~A~Holic incase I didn't already tell you.

  9. Don't worry I'm not trying to single out you or anything. This thread gets bumped like every second day...or when Burrows has an amazing game.
  10. The next best part of this thread, besides the obvious part, is that some people quote the original post not knowing how long ago it was made.
  11. The irony is that clutch thinks Burrows isn't good but in reality Burrows is...well he's clutch.
  12. I heart Burrows. I think I have a mancrush on him. Not in a weird way, just in the way that I would spoon him if the opportunity arose.