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  1. I'm totes gonna cheer for them while they are in the playoffs.(assuming) and then I will l lament any moves not made to better the future when we are bounced.
  2. No no i know you're just razzing.... its always been been a good back and forth between the missus and myself. And I suppose I have cut back on meat since we've been together. For example I've been vegetarian so far today.lol so the feta bake goes as follows boil a cup and a half of rice(whatever type you prefer) in baking dish: place boiled rice ice in the bottom of the dish 4-6 chopped tomatoes lots of chopped garlic frest basil olive oil geneous helping of crumbled feta on top bake covered till tomatoes appear reduced uncover, chuck on some chopped parsley if you wish, bake uncovered till the feta is lightly crisped edit to meatify: add shrimp or prawn when you place the dish in at the uncovered stage.
  3. Ah man she's all over me all the time about my murderous menus. when we met she ate seafood and thats it for meat. But in the last few years not even that. She's a lover of all animals and also believe that a healthy meatless diet is the enlightened way. only when pregnant she's had the odd steak to keep the iron count up. i just make up all kinds of excuses as to why I do what I do, i suppose, in the eyes of a veggie. But I love cooking, and I love her so I make separate meals all the time. tonight is a tomatoe based Mediterranean dish with rice and garlic and feta all baked in a dish. ill add prawns to my portion. edit: nice music. Years ago I bought the "last king of Scotland" soundtrack on cd. Some good Afro funk on it.
  4. With all due respect. When it comes to separatist volume it's all bark and no bite. I mean really, driving into a separate Quebec would be like Chula Vista to Tijuana. the separatists are the Kesler of Canada. If they don't want to be on the team and think they can contend elsewhere then gtfo.
  5. Definitely had "daddy" issues. poor Ferrari.
  6. "We've already heard your song." -joe strummer qft
  7. And this is a problem because?
  8. Smarter than Justin no doubt.....still a big meanie.
  9. Straight outta the Mike "welcome to the club" Gillis handbook.
  10. To Russia! My love #88 Ryan Miller: I hope we make the playoffs specifically for you.
  11. Qft.