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  1. Age is a killer for all of us. (LE) ive started telling my 40 year old self that the rest of my years are bounce back.
  2. David..... honestly the clash is one of my fav of any genre and fav frontman (joe strummer) of all time. Love the attitude, the delivery, subject material and lyrics. All of it.
  3. I see us winning 2-4 games in the next month. we are done if there was any doubt.
  4. You win the Internet today my friend.
  5. History has proven that a coach will always get fired before a captain is moved....and wd, as well as he had done with these horses, simply doesn't have the NHL resume to prop up with compared to some others who have gotten the axe. but this is all dramatic anyway as I would be shocked of any discord amongst wd, linden and the twins. wd may not be re signed but he won't be fired and I'd say that could be seen as fair.
  6. I've never got that impression Agreed
  7. Always thought the flyers sweater was cool.
  8. Holy crap what a drama post. we get it. The sedins frustrate you and many due to their decline. At the end of the day they've been the best Canucks in history and are still our most skilled and respected players (league wide i might add). do you really think JB or any Nhl gm would fire any coach based on their play at this stage in their careers? cmon alf. So the reverse is true. If the sedins were still registering 80 points per season it still would have no reflection on the coach.
  9. A masterful plan. youll have to work on her to stay off the gulf side to get the swell for the surf school. Although the windswell a few days ago was unreal - totally rideable In some spots.
  10. I'm about 30% right now. I've had two free coffees and a donut this week alone. I don't really eat donuts so I gave that one away.
  11. Indeed. most likely I'll go back woods when I get old and weird.
  12. Oh for sure they suck. Like many people I have bee inconvenienced due their ineptitude on several occasions. But in the last four years I've gone to Vancouver only twice via the ferry. i fly out of comox when business travelling. i just feel that the island is the last of the good places for all the right reasons. Ive recently started working in Victoria after being out of province for work for four years and I can't believe how busy and built up it has become and continues. I'm in the building biz so it's a real catch 22 for me.
  13. Keep your tunnels and bridges away from my island.
  14. Vrbata gave a joke of a list of teams and said so himself. hamhuis was notified within 24 hours of the deadline - so that was poor planning all around. not the greatest examples there guy.