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  1. ICBC Situation.

    Not true. I’m clean cut. Was in my work truck with my wife. I was pumping gas and the cruiser pulled up behind me and by his eyes I was certain he was running them. whatever. I’m in good standing. But still. It was in Squamish where they send newb cops and that wasn’t the first time an officer pulled a stunt on me in that town.
  2. ICBC Situation.

    I see your point in the last paragraph as ICBC is gouging. I just feel that if you live in bc you pay in bc. I’m kind of straight up that way. when I worked in Saskatchewan I insured zone z to protect myself for out of province accidents. It wasn’t a burden cost wise.
  3. The Workout Thread

    Hip flexor yo!
  4. The Workout Thread

    I agree. It is a tough though with physical work but if you can at all try, a quick half hour of exercise after the day instead of the immediate couch can change your life.
  5. The Workout Thread

    Honestly I tell him that. he is 21. Gym guy. But honestly not including his pre workout drsinks and post workout drInks he consumes two large can energy drinks per day and at least one Gatorade .....that I see.....while we work. im twice his age and neve touch them except the odd small redbull before a run after work. We do pretty long days, but still, there are alternatives to sugar hits. what is scary is that all the young guys on the site are more or less the same. im sure this will be a healthcare issue in the future for this country.
  6. Ask The Poster Below You Anything

    Whale Bay, New Zealand. what are your summer plans?
  7. What are you listening to?

    Making pancakes with my girls
  8. ICBC Situation.

    People running that scam suck
  9. He seems reasonable because he doesn’t like lazy people
  10. ICBC Situation.

    Ya I was thinking half way through the read that hiring another lawyer to go after the first one might be an idea. gl. what a nightmare
  11. I swear all of this is like watching a Pixar movie.
  12. The World Events Thread

    Huskies best dogs ever i have three well one is part G shepherd
  13. The Workout Thread

    Old guy pro tip just consider that what goes in your body now on a regular basis counts later in life. if you want to kick ass into your 30-60’s eat well. By well I mean, real food.