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  1. “I don’t even know what to say.......” good. just stop then ya jam tart.
  2. Tough call as this game is super important yet they bring in rickety old chair Sutter who hasn’t played a game since ‘97.
  3. Oh man. I should just off myself with the weight of the world on my conscience. I’m half Serbian second generation - my genocidal guilt has no border or end
  4. Nothing worse than the wrong song in the middle of lift
  5. If I get Brilac money I plan a trip to Haida Gwai in summer and an indo boat trip in winter.
  6. Saw a guy out on his bike on the road two days ago here on the island. I mean really? You just have to be out on the road in the most dangerous conditions possible?
  7. That sucks. Just keep being you though. As a puller outer myself most people have been great.