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  1. Listened while driving. how was pedan?
  2. Oh man. I don't know how many times I've seen this.....it's sad when one of them (usually the girl) straight up facebooks the date away. #prayforromance
  3. I would add that using a fake name certainly lessens the legitimacy. furthermore by using the name "Mohamed" in the name certainly only fans the flames relative to current would events. as a white male I am not offended in the least by this tbh. As I have traveled throughout the world I am used to paying the "foreigners" price. Due to my fortune of being able to travel via financial means or the freedom to do so, overpaying for a bus ride or a meal is something I am more than willing to do....within reason of course. I have a choice in the matter at the end of the day. in this instance I just wonder where the f this guys head is at? I see no potential positive result here.
  4. There was a time when you had to talk to that person you were attracted to. in person.
  5. Does Dr. Recchi have a real estate liscence?
  6. Actually my favourite part of the article.
  7. Discuss. https://www.google.ca/amp/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4298121 Victoria filmmaker used fake name to promote pricier tickets for white men The event costs $15 for white males, and $10 for everyone else The Canadian Press September 21, 2017 Shiraz Higgins admitted he used a pseudonym in an interview with The Canadian Press on Tuesday. (Karin Larsen/CBC) A man behind a "justice-pricing" policy based on charging higher admission to white males attending the screening of his movie says he used a false name to promote it because he was concerned about a backlash that could risk his safety. Shiraz Higgins said Wednesday he has received death threats at an email account he created with the false name Sid Mohammed and admitted he used the pseudonym in an interview with The Canadian Press a day earlier. ADVERTISEMENT "I've been wanting to have a layer of safety between me and angry citizens in order to keep the tension from being completely locked in on me," he said, adding he feels "silly" for using a false name. "I feel bad that it's clearly made some people upset and that it has undermined the overall message that we're sending out here," said Higgins, who is also the director of "Building the Room." "It's clearly become very heated," he said of the response, adding the policy was not about "retribution or putting white men in their place or something like." 'This is not a publicity stunt' However, Higgins, 27, said organizers of the premiere are sticking to their justice-pricing model to charge white males $15, while others pay $10 based on the purchasing power of individual groups and "price discrimination." The 70-minute documentary-style movie is a behind-the-scenes look at comedians putting on a stand-up show, he said. "This is not a publicity stunt," he said, adding organizers are "pushing forward because we believe it is an important piece of overall conversation that is happening in society right now." Higgins said while there has been criticism, he has also heard from women who said they pay more than men for goods and services, including hair cuts and hygienic and cosmetic products. Organizers are considering "adaptations" to better reflect the reality of prices, but couldn't say if they would be changed, he said.
  8. So why give the guy a contract to do as above? 36 million for an old third liner......wicked awesome.
  9. If the slashing penalties continue to be called the way they are now, the sedins will continue to take them because they are slow.
  10. 50% of that photo is totally unjustified in my not so humble opinion.
  11. Funnier because the guy is educated.