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  1. Even my 11 year old can spot an Alberta truck before even seeing a plate. Dodge Pickup. Check lifted. Check road flattened mudders with no dirt on them. Check loud exhausts. Check
  2. I listened to reggae today. no I didnt
  3. When I was young I thought smoking looked cool so I did it. there is nothing cool about sticking a massive piece of plastic in your mouth and blowing clouds of smoke that smell like peach pie.
  4. Meh we all have our good cop bad cop stories. same with haircuts right?
  5. Actually they are human beings. and like any industry there are good and bad.
  6. During the Reno I added a garburator and it has really helped with the overall waste that ends up in the trash. As well the recycling has become even easier. i tried a compost for a while for food waste but as I’m not much of a gardener it never really was used. its rewarding having s family of five and being able to trash only one regular size garbage can per week along with an organized box of recycling. the wife made all our kids diapers and though it was more work it sure sped up the potty training phase. Major bonus.
  7. Lolol cant believe I forgot about your connection with bass guitar. When i I was about 16 I started dabbling in reggae. I was out driving my friends around and my new gf, listening to Bob Marley. My buddy says “you listen to that instead of music?” Savagery. anyhow I don’t hate it. I like the usuals as well as some old ska and I love almost everything the Clash did with it. i guess like anything too much is too much and maybe I just have a shorter ear span with ragga’ side note: girl dumped me a month or so later. Whatever.
  8. Oh man don’t even get me started.
  9. 51% evil. 49% son of a bitch.