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  1. The Workout Thread

  2. confessions

    This is good stuff. i agree that a life is not defined by a career. Not to dismiss diesels concerns at all. if I was @diesel_3 I would be immensely proud that I served my country. You have given more by 32 than most ever will. While I swanned around the globe as free person in my youth, others did not.
  3. Filling up gas in Jerry can

    Well this is the thing right?!
  4. Assessing the Canuck D: Some Interesting Numbers

    I'd like to see Gud in a better light but hopefully next year is better for him health wise and he performs to a high level. maybe this is holding JB to the fire a little but Juolevi better challenge for a spot or make the team next year or there is a real problem. i fully support JB, however, watching other draft picks help NHL teams will be very frustrating next year if Juolevi is playing elsewhere.
  5. Filling up gas in Jerry can

    Blatant redneck stupidity on my part. What can I say?
  6. The Workout Thread

    I totally get this. It's very mental as I am learning. Some days it's just getting the shoes on. But once I'm out I'm good. i don't even like it every time. but the health benefits are good and taking on mental battles is something I've always enjoyed. i find swimming much harder. It's so technical. ill be happy with any time 2 hours or less for my halfer.
  7. Cmon Bruins let's destroy some souls
  8. The Workout Thread

    I mean, like any illness try and get a really good sleep tonight and get the fluids and immune boosters in there. Have a good meal tonight too.....I dunno I'm pretty old school that way. I havent run races after a cold or flu but I run regularly. 10k is my standard go to run and I have done it many times at the onset of a cold as well as near the end. sweat out the bugs. most likely the adrenalin will make up for any negative you may feel so enjoy the race and have fun. have you raced a 10k before? i have been running 3-4 days a week for a few years but I am running my first race in June. A half marathon, so for the last month I have stepped up to 4 runs per week, one non impact cardio day, a long run and a rest day. It's been a challenge which I am enjoying and I have new respect for runners who do longer distances. Quite a commitment.
  9. confessions

    How old are you?
  10. Love this classic hockey tune
  11. Filling up gas in Jerry can

    That's a tough one to follow. i confess I almost always leave the can in the truck bed.
  12. PDF: (P1) Vegas Golden Knights vs. (P3) San Jose Sharks

    I read the post a few times and thought that might be the case.