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  1. (Proposal) Canucks and Sabres

    This and Lehner and Ullmark are no slouches if anything they need a vet to mentor. We still need Markstrom for the foreseeable future as I figure Demko is better suited in the Ahl for a season or two getting starters reps and eased into a 1A/1B situation for a season or more. Slotting him into a backup role on an nhl roster would be a developmental mistake imo

    Should take him all day. Chick-ren FYI

    Just because what we wanted to happen doesn't mean we were in any ways screwed. What the odds said would happen happened and we draft 5th. Use your coping skills folks
  4. For now he's worth much more to the team than his return would be. Trading a freshly signed player prospect or not seems would rub other players the wrong way. I'd say mid-late round first wouldn't be too much to ask right now
  5. [Signing] Canucks sign Thatcher Demko

    Can't tell if serious... We match or get assets back? Awesome news that we don't lose a great prospect for nothing
  6. Ducks getting the hose job tn

  7. [Report] Jake Virtanen suspended 2 games

    Very late blindside hit to a vulnerable player and people are shocked there's a suspension. Well deserved IMO
  8. GDT: Around the NHL Week of March (21-25) 2016

    Go Oilers? Still feels wrong but Go Oilers!
  9. Wow was always willing to give management the benefit of the doubt.  Until today.  Absolutely brutal if nothing got done.  No excuse

    1. 48MPHSlapShot


      I don't see how even the most hardcore Benning apologists can defend this.

  10. Once again, no shame Leafs tank

    They shut down JVR and Lupul for the season today. Eyes on the prize in Toronto
  11. Always appreciate this thread. Earliest it's been for draft position in recent memory. Shame no pin yet. Hate having to dig for it Keep up the good work