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  1. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    A major reason is on and off ice issues. Supposedly, he has had big issues with team-mates as well as his coach. This is on top of the defensive issues. He gives up on plays too easily when things do not go his way. I think those might be poor examples and I'm not quite sure what kind of example you are going for, broad (highly talented but with issues) or situational (highly ranked but falling). Shinkaruk & Schroeder were branded as poor combine interviews due to arrogance, which contributed to their falls. Merkley's situation is more comparable to Ho-Sang or Anthony DeAngelo. Top 10 talent, but major problems with teammates, coaching staffs, and more. IMO, stay far away from guys like this.
  2. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Here is his goal and hit.
  3. Gustav Forsling Talk

    Here is only his goal, if you are interested.
  4. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    As some requested. I've included a couple of good passing plays, a hit and some shots, along with the goal. He started the game on the RW of Reinhart and Klimchuk. After he returned from the Scherbak hit, he was then lined up on the LW of Quenneville and Hawryluk. On this line, he really began to shine. I thought that line as a whole was the best for Team WHL; generated a lot of chances, forechecked hard and played the body hard.
  5. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Due to many ppl on other boards asking for the hit, I uploaded it last night.
  6. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Wildcard on defense? That is simply not what i saw. He was very steady and played it very safe. Tryamkin is not a wildcard on defense... Subban is a wildcard on defense.
  7. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Just finished He does not jump into the play too often. More often, he is the guy furthest back because he prefers the safe play. From the games i have watched, his defensive game (next to his size) is his biggest strength. This is a very smart player defensively, always in position, active stick, plays the body when necessary, and as you will see in the video, he makes players pay in front of the net. His reach knocks away a lot of pucks and thwarts many entrances into his zone. He is nearly impossible to move once he has body position on the opponent. Also from what i can see, his shots get blocked a lot, which may also be what Benning is referring to when he commented on the lack of frequency the puck reaches the net. I'd say its edler-esque in the frequency of blocked shots. Something to work on for him. The wrister from what i can see has a higher probability of making it through and is quite deceiving.
  8. Kyle Pettit Talk

    I agree and said as much in my previous post (#81) if you chose to read it. These low upside picks are no sure bet, just like high upside picks. But i know which i would rather have. Pettit is no safer bet than any other player, simply because his upside is lower. He too has significant holes in his game, just like high upside picks do. From my viewings, he is an okay skater, but not a great one. For a big man, he is not a physical player. He does not hit as much as you like. He is simply a tall man who is good positionally and has good awareness defensively. His decisions with the puck in the offensive zone... are not the best, rushed i would say is the best word. He is in the same mold as Stefan Schneider and Kellan Lain. Big but not physical men who play an honest defensive game. We got both for free. If Pettit was a free agent signing, okay. But to expend a pick, I don't agree. To the bolded: As we all know, we are going through a rebuilding/retooling phase. Every asset counts. Well it counts anytime really. I personally value each and every pick quite highly. Not everyone is suggesting short offensive players. But take a look at players like Axel Holmstrom who excelled at the U18s, Edgars Kulda who simply took over games at the Memorial cup. Both 6'0", both put up good numbers. Ondrej Kase as well played very well at the WJC, also good size at 6'0". Also have heard some great things about Pierre Engvall who is 6'2" and great late bloomer. No one is freaking out, so i don't know why you are suggesting people to take a deep breath and relax. I think this has been a fairly level headed discussion here. Now that Pettit is in the system, of course i wish for him to prosper and take a big step next season . But that doesn't mean i can't disagree with the pick and the philosophy behind it.
  9. Kyle Pettit Talk

    I suggest reading about the +/- stat before using it in an discussion. It is a highly controversial stats among not only fans, but NHL teams and execs as well. I believe Burke used the term "Horse s@#$" to describe this stat. So lets be honest here, I am not the only one trying to throw away this stat, its merits are highly in question. In fact several studies have been made into looking into the margin of error, it ranges from 30% to as high as 40%. There are simply too many factors that influence this stat for it to be an accurate measure of defensive ability. Connor Brown went from -72, a league worst that year, but still managed to put up 53 points, got drafted funny enough #156, same as Pettit. Two years later he is +44, the CHL's leading scorer and the OHL's most outstanding player. This is a high upside pick, that is tracking well. This is the kind of player we ought to be targeting with our late round picks. I guess if you want to focus on a marginal aspect of my post then, okay. It doesn't matter what "position" Malhotra played. But a few on here imply there will be a big bump statistically due to Erie's graduations. Sure i can see a slight bump, but I would not expect a major increase.
  10. Kyle Pettit Talk

    To the above bolded: That's your opinion and its highly subjective. I believe this was a poor pick. Where was i arguing that Pettit was a poor defensive player and since when is +/- a stat that is credible? In fact, its a highly debated and controversial stat. Connor Brown was once -72 in one season. Does that mean he is a poor defensive player? Nope. Too many factors influence +/-. Points are not everything and there are exceptions. But the rule is that even 4th line players/defensive D men still score at lower levels. Plain and simple. Look at Darren Archibald, he was a good point producer in the OHL and he was also a very strong defensive player when i watched him. He was continually used on the PK by Niagara and Barrie. But even he struggles at the NHL level. Again, he is moving up from 4C to 3C with the graduations. Is that a major role change? Pettit is no sure bet. And neither is a high upside pick. But if i'm putting my money on it, i'll take the high upside pick.
  11. Kyle Pettit Talk

    I disagree. And Malhotra was our 3C, not 4C. 4th line players are replacement players at every level. Much easier to get than a top 6 player; cheaper through transactions and through FA. It is absolutely baffling to see someone say "We have enough prospects that are supposed to develop into top 6". You can never have enough of these players. And we certainly do not have enough prospects with top 6 upside. Not all of the guys we have will reach their potential and become NHL players, in fact the majority will not be regular NHL players. The core gone, maybe, but he's still behind some great centermen. Pettit is still behind McDavid and Strome. He's likely moving up from 4C to 3C. That's not a major role change.
  12. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I am working on a video for his play during the WJC, maybe Tuesday night? ------------- I have watched a couple of games so far, here's my takeaway: I never thought someone could make Zadorov look like rather small. But Tryamkin does. I don't believe he is 265, if so, i do wonder where weight has gone. He is not scrawny like Chara or Zadorov, but he isn't a really thick man like Big Buff is either. The 240lb listing seems much more accurate based on what i've seen. He moves fairly well for his size. Average accelerating, straight line speed is actually good. Mobility is good, but there are some times when i notice some balance issues. He'll have to work on that. Tranisitons and backwards skating is good for his size. He is a defensive D man, but saw some time on the 2nd PP as the point man and trigger man. Not a PP QB at all, not that its surprising. He has very good positioning and is always the guy who is hanging back to cover his partner. What i liked about Tryamkin is how he was always the first guy to the puck to gain body position and once he has that body position, he is hard to move and he boxes out very well. He actively uses his stick, and with that size/reach he is fairly effective. His first pass... is not that great. On numerous occasions, he has made a hard pass out of the zone, missing its target and has led to icing. He is not what i would call a physical defender. As i said, he uses his body well in terms of positioning and boxing out. But not a guy going for hits. I don't see this "mean" people are talking about. I am indifferent/somewhat optimistic on this pick. I can see what they like about this guy, have to wait and see how he develops and whether or not he comes over.
  13. Jared McCann Talk

    Personally, I believe he was over-valued a bit by the scouting agencies. He went exactly where i thought he would. I will provide constructive criticism below, so for those reading and don't want to know, stop reading here. --------------- I feel something is missing from McCann's game from the games i watched this year. More often than not, i came away not being impressed with his full game. He flashes skill certain shifts and you won't see him again for several more, he flashes his speed sometimes, he flashes his physicality once every 5 games. This is the inconsistency some are discussing here. It was rare to see all these attributes together in one game. McCann has very good awareness and is absolutely solid in his positional play, will always be in position. But he does not attack the puck as much as one would like. I find that he feels content being in position, rather than gaining possession or forcing the issue. He lacks some urgency and that killer instinct at times. He makes some low % plays with the puck, IMO, and has a case of tunnel vision at times, There have been numerous times, where i've seen him skate the puck into the zone, be angled towards the boards and lose the puck. He just skates with his head down into the zone with a fancy rush, but nothing amounts of it. I think too often plays die on his stick, and it results in the play going the other way. He got a lot of time on the PP; but his shot seemed to go wide/high a lot. Tries to pick the corners a bit too much. I found the Soo PP very tailored around McCann's shot, they would set him up for one timers often. Final item that i think dropped him, a very poor U18s. Probably one of the more disappointing performances on the team. When Brayden Point went down with an injury, i think everyone hoped McCann would step up and produce. Instead, he continued to make low % plays, was very ineffective beyond faceoffs and was inconsistent shift by shift. McCann started on the 2nd line in the tournament, got moved down as the tournament progressed and got his ice time cut, despite Team Canada being down a centerman. For me, McCann was a player i felt was trending downwards, so his "fall" was not much of a surprise to me. That said, I was a big fan of McCann's rookie season, i just did not feel he made much progress this season. He still has all of the tools i like; his arsenal of shots, excellent skating, good puck skills, smart defensively. But needs work to get all of those tools to work together. I can't say i see a 90-100 pt season coming from McCann. I'll be satisfied with him reaching 80, which i think is a reasonable point projection.
  14. Kyle Pettit Talk

    What a hyperbole. And swing of the fences, low upside picks like Hannay always pan out and end in satisfaction, do they? Nice to know. All of those guys put up pts in their draft season. Putting aside the eye test that i have on Pettit, and looking at stats here, each of those players outscored Pettit 3 or 4 times over. Lewis is a 1st round pick. He scored 75 points in 56 games. Clifford is a 2nd round pick who scored 28 points in 60 games. King is a 4th round pick who scored 44 points in 62 games. That's 3 guys who were taken in the top half of the draft. The only player comparable is: Nolan who was a 7th round pick but also scored 43 points in 64 games. That is 4.3x more than Pettit. 4th line players, NHL replacement level players score at lower levels. Weise was an excellent scorer at lower levels. Even just about all defensive D men score at lower levels. Overpriced 4th liners? They make 1.5-1.8M tops for a high level 4th liner. That's easily manageable with the cap going up each year.
  15. Kyle Pettit Talk

    It ultimately comes down to how you value your picks and your direction in the draft. Selecting a guy who may top out as a 4th line player or may not even be an AHL player is not something i'd aim for. A 4th line player is a replacement player at the NHL level. 4 days from today, there are a slew available for free on the market where we do not have to expend a pick and several years of resources to develop. It is simply nonsensical to me. We do not have the Johnson's or Palat's. We should always be gambling this late in the draft to find the Johnson's and Palat's of the draft class, not 4th line depth prospects. ----- When watching Erie this year as we've got a few prospects on there, Pettit did not really stand out to me on their 4th line. He is a solid forechecker, smart defensively, but really lacks a physical edge to his game and lacks offensive tools here.