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  1. Blow it up

    1. crime911


      ONe man out of lineup and team can't score single goal

  2. "Why did we trade Schneider?" "46 years and counting" "Zack Kassian sucker punches Dave Bolland and breaks his neck" "Goalie controversy? "With the 1st overall pick in the 2017 NHL entry draft....." "Luongo out with a bruised ego, Canucks sign John Garrett to a 1 day contract" "Sami Salo out 2 weeks after getting hit by lightning"
  3. Buffalo is getting eliminated by the ???? Leafs

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    2. mau5trap


      5-5 !!! Leopold ties it with 2 minutes left in their season!

    3. Perry Henis
    4. Perry Henis

      Perry Henis

      derek roy scores in ot

  4. bumping this thread the leafs had like 100 something pims
  5. raymond isnt going to score 25 anytime soon, or ever again, infact i wouldnt be surprised if he went the way of jeff tambellini in a couple of years
  6. why didnt we just give tampa a 1st for steve downie, and why the frack is mason ???? raymond still on this team
  7. why gillis.... we traded a young probable top 6 center for a guy that can be the next steve bernier
  8. i like to lock my comments so nobody that disagrees with me can post on them

    1. Perry Henis

      Perry Henis


    2. Perry Henis

      Perry Henis

      try posting now suckers hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. debluvscanucks
  9. Haha. One of the best names, for sure.

  10. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight after the game. First game @ 8:50 pm PST. More games if necessary.

    Please sign up :)

  11. Has read almost every post in the Perry thread.Also we are going to get destroyed by the bruins

  12. and i thought pokerstars got shutdown?