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  1. WOW YOU JUDGED MY PERSONALITY, MY USER NAME BIG BIRD HAS BEEN JUDGED Now try matching that with a face somewhere here in BC.
  2. What am I supposed to do lie about that poor girl's appearance? Baby you are beautiful you don't need to lose weight you are perfect the way you are. Stop trying to put on a show boys, you are all thinking what I'm saying.
  3. Sorry justnick I didn't know you were a psychic at guessing people's appearances. And all I'm saying is if you post your picture get ready to be judged, and why would I want you people to recognize me on the street. You all have the worst taste in woman by calling that girl the cutest CDCer.
  4. Let's get some things straight, what is posting my picture going to do? Oh crap he looks hot, oh crap he looks ugly, oh crap he looks like jan bulis blah blah blah. I don't need to be judged thank you very much.
  5. Listen there are no rules saying that I have to post my picture. It is that fat girls choice that she wants to post her pic for the world to see.
  6. Prismatic better put that drink down from the looks of her picture. She needs to burn some calories before she puts more in her body
  7. Any predictions for the big game tomorrow?

  9. I can provide lots of love my friend ;)

  10. Big Bird! Where is the love?

  11. bahahaha. you make vancan uncomfortable- hilarious. must be too much bird for him. ;)

  12. ur creepin me out...u r a guy right

  13. I am Big Bird, Parksy's Corner Fan!

  14. NO, I am officially official, so stop asking cuz u wont get it