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  1. I can provide lots of love my friend ;)

  2. I am Big Bird, Parksy's Corner Fan!

  3. Do not mock your King

  4. Off the Jets bandwagon?

  5. LOL @ him starting it :)

  6. I'm a giant canary

    I guess you loved Shia in Eagle Eye

  7. how are those male body parts treating you

  8. Only 37 posts today?

    Stop slacking

  9. WOW trying to pick an E-fight.

    Alright tough guy.

    Big Bird is a name, like MGaborik which is lame.

    I'm leaving before i become dumber talking to you

  10. mind your own buisness smartass

  11. Wilboy settle down with the posts eh.

    Get some fresh air bud

    Lots of love

    Big Bird