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  1. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Thanks for the insight. Never thought of the role that turf could play in players' decisions. I know the injury issue (etc.), but even the San Siro has switched to hybrid turf this year after complaints from the almighty Barca in last year's CL quarters. I understand the money question, but I'm wondering how Montreal can attract these players but Van can't. Do they have more cash? Also, there should be some cache to living in Van. It's not New York or LA, but it's not Salt lake city either. From what I understand, Nesta just put himself out there, and there were no takers at first. He landed in MTL. This is a guy that was doing a great job shutting down some of the best in Europe just last year. That is the level of class Van needs a sprinkling of to compete. It's hard to score good midfielders with some mileage left, as they're attractive to keep on good teams. As a Milan fan, I would've loved to see the likes of Saedorf or Gattuso in Van, but that would be a far flung fantasy. I'd love to see half of the geriatrics they cut from their squad end up in Van (Van Bommel, Zambrotta, Nesta, Gattuso, Saedorf, etc). I'd love to see Del Piero there as well, or even Di Vaio. The status and the hype alone would be amazing, let alone the insights they could bring to the whole squad, as long as the chemistry was right of course. Van's a world class city to live in, and these footballers are endlessly intent on extending their careers and playing outside of Europe. Could Van afford to bring any of these guys in? What's the missing piece? A new stadium? Thanks for the insight.
  2. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Yeah, maybe they could score the "captain" of the Belorussian team while they're at it. I know that Miller has a certain pedigree, but he's not a top flight player on the level of Nesta, Henri, Beckham, Del Piero, Gattuso, etc. The role of chemistry is interesting to note. That's an insightful comment. Is it a lost cause at this point, or can it be recovered?
  3. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    I am a casual fan of the Whitecaps since I can't watch any games. I follow the team, but only highlights and reading about them. Can somebody explain to me what the heck they were thinking blowing up the winning team that they had? Sure, they weren't the best, and their hot start did start to trail off, but why dump all the offense just to double up on back-ups for defense? I've watched the development of the team in Montreal, and I really respect the moves they made to sign players from abroad. Bringing in an absolute veteran defensive specialist in Nesta, and a killer goal scorer in Di Vaio is exactly how I feel MLS teams need to be built. Youth, with a sprinkling of aged class. Look at LA...they're like a retirement team for former EU stars, and it works for them. I'm starting to get worried that we're seeing a grizzlies/raptors scenario developing where management is pushing the team in the wrong direction. Why can't Vancouver sign a Del Piero, or a Nesta, or a Gattuso, or any of these types of players. Is it a money thing? Dumping their offense, and nose diving the team in both entertainment and results is really disappointing. If anyone with more knowledge of the team can explain it to me, that'd be great.
  4. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    GSP is a cerebral assassin. His game plan is too tight to worry about what's entertaining first. He's dismantling every fighter that's presented to him right now, and you have to give props for that. As far as what's fun to watch, of course you want to see someone get pummeled once in a while, and if you watch some of his older fights, GSP has gotten into striking battles. It's true that his last three opponents have been predominantly strikers, which has led him to destroy them on the ground. It's smart fighting. You're in there to win first, and to entertain second. The elephant in the room is Silva. If that fight can happen, then you will see GSP tested to his limits. Silva can strike, move and grapple amongst the best in the world. That will be a heck of a fight if we're blessed with it. GSP sucks the life and the spirit out of his opponents with his strategic dominance. You could see it in Hardy in his corner between the last three rounds. He was a broken man...although he did prove himself to be super tough in withstanding those submissions. Look at Penn giving in after the 4th. People can't handle that intensity and level of competence. The key for having entertaining fights with GSP, is to find someone who can match his skills on his level. Right now, there are very few who can do that. Bring on Andersen Silva. G-S-P! G-S-P!
  5. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Dominant technical performance by GSP! Dismantled and demoralized Hardy. And I agree that the apology at the end was true GSP class all the way! Hardy was full credit in the loss, withstanding some painful looking submissions. Who's next for GSP? They said he might move-up to 185. What would that mean? We're all waiting for the Silva fight, but that might be a long shot at this point. Who wouldn't want to see that. Carwin Lesnar will be a battle of villains. I was actually going for least to get out of the first round. I think I'll support Lesnar in that one. Crazy extra long post-tap out hold on the leg lock in the pre-fight. I wonder if the guy was pissed about that. He held it for like 3 seconds extra, and the other guy limped pretty bad after. Good final fight between the tall white guy and the stocky black guy. GSP - heart of a champion. Let's see who's next!
  6. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    If you look at GSP's bulk and body fat percentage, it is difficult to believe that he couldn't gain weight in a much more effective and capable way than BJ (big joke) Penn. Although Machida is dangerous, Mr. Karate man it so boring to watch. The draw from Anderson v. GSP is in the contrast of Anderson's unique style, with GSP's unique preparation, athleticism and physical dominance. I'd take GSP, but that has a lot to do with my being a fan. It's the best fight, because it offers the biggest intrigue.
  7. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Congo Lesnar would be a crazy fight. Clash of the titans. last time Congo fought, he destroyed the guy. The world needs to see Sivla GSP...that'd be the fight of the century. I actually can admit to having a man-crush on GSP. there, I said it. haha