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  1. I'm a little concerned that Juolevi will not be NHL ready this year. On his junior team he was the #4 defenceman on his team for points and plus-minus. His development appears to have regressed. I would not be surprised if the Canucks draft another defenceman in case Juolevi gets stuck in Juniors for another year. The Canucks could really use an offensive defenceman.
  2. Ultimately we need offensive-minded defencemen. Look at any team that goes far in the playoffs and you will see at least one defenceman whose main job is to generate offense. We need to stop looking for stay-at-home defensemen. Edmonton is stacked with talent, but they will still lose horribly if they don't get any offensive quarterbacks.
  3. Honestly, we can get a goon who can barely skate to "play around the paint". Jim Sandlak was a failure. Cam Neely was a failure in Vancouver. We've had so many draft failure from players who were suppose to be power forwards.
  4. Or maybe another Jim Sandlak?
  5. Not sure why he is ranked so highly other than for his last name. His stats in the high-scoring OHL are rather dismal.
  6. The silver lining is that the Canucks will have even better odds for Number 1 next year!
  7. Canucks Screwed again!
  8. LOL...all he needs is a red tie thrown on top of him.
  9. I'm expecting Brian Burke to be Boston's lucky charm.
  10. Come-on Number 6! Watch the Canucks get bumped to #7
  11. I think the Canucks should put the Sedin's on defence. Gillis will *never* make a big move to help this team. Might as well put some forwards on defence.