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  1. Nice post, go cry about it to momma cry baby. Sedin Sisters, ok bud, what are you the Boston Media

  2. with the technology we have now, this allows a broader scope of voices to view their opinion. if it seems the team is bombarded by scrutiny, it's because we the fans are now enabled. the media will always be the media... the cream always rises to the top gentlemen... a good example is when everybody was out to get coach av a couple years ago. he was literally nailed to the cross by the media and the public at large. i am impressed to what he did and how he handled the situation. i am equally impressed with the moves he did this year to get secondary scoring with burrows being out of the line up. to me AV = A Coach For Life!!! with the quote unquote, "goaltending controversy" brewing just recently is widely untrue... luongo is in it for the long haul with us and it's just a matter of how he deals with it... if a little line juggling helps puts w's in the win column, it wouldn't hurt to do the same in between the pipes. the real controversy is within luongo himself. it's really up to him. once he gets passed this, there is no doubt Luongo could = to Legend...