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  1. lol I already bought his jersey before the season started knowing that he will be having a breakout year after watching him in training camp Also love how the Burr thread and this thread are active at the same time. Who's next? A Weise, do we really want him thread?
  2. How there you insult the great Dane! Anyways, I recently just purchased a Hansen jersey because I know he will turn it around. He's not the only one sucking ya know.
  3. Burr with another goal. This guy is a beast.
  4. lol what I meant was that it was like syncronized rain. It all came down at the same time rather than what we normally get...drizzle.
  5. dayum!! It's pouring out here HARD in Richmond. It like covers every inch of the floor o_0...and there's thunder too so that's even more crazy. It rarely has thunderstorms during this time of period. Strange.