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  1. Yes I'm willing to let Gallant walk. Just like I was willing to let Babcock walk. Just like I was willing to let Quennville walk last year. I'm fine with the coach. It's not really the coach that wins/loses the games. It's the players that cause 95% of the game outcome.
  2. I'd say they work just as hard under Green as they did under Willy D. AV was/is the best coach we've ever had. But people were calling for his head before the team took off too. We need to preach patience. Too many fans are impatient and want changes now.
  3. No real stars? Karlsson has scored 43 goals in a season. Pacioretty has scored 39 goals in a season. And Stone is considered the best 2-way winger in the game. And of course Flower. Alot of Vegas top players have been pretty close to PPG players for a season. The Canucks do not have a player who has done that since the Sedins, other than Pettersson. Again the Canucks have the more "potential" at the moment. That's why the future is so bright. But right now, Vegas has more proven experienced players.
  4. Still drunk from back then ... I see the problem LoL! Gallant has definitely been the better coach the past 3 years, but Green has been the better coach this year than Gallant IMO.
  5. Need proof on this one Alf. I've seen most say they would win the division.
  6. The Canucks have more "potential" for sure. Vegas players have already proven that they've done it before.
  7. Every team has hot and cold streaks. No team plays 100% for every game. Every team has off nights, and nights they're on fire. And if you believe your last line of where you should develop your talent in the AHL, then Boeser, Pettersson, and Hughes should've all started in the AHL. You're saying Green is a bad coach because he surrounds himself with a rookie coach. I don't hear anybody complaining about Malhotra. He's a "green" coach. You keep saying that Green lacks experience. How do you think he's gonna get NHL experience coaching if he's not in the league?
  8. A GM that says we're not rebuilding anymore? Hence why they're trying to make the playoffs.
  9. I believe they have the better roster at this time. We will definitely have the better roster when our younger players gain more experience.
  10. That trade made the team more competitive to compete for the playoffs hence they gave themselves a 2 year window to make the playoffs. Either this year or next. The trade doesn't imply that we're stanley cup contenders.
  11. What makes you think that Gallant can do things with a younger team? The canucks have a better GF/G, PP, PK and FO % than Vegas. Vegas has a superior roster to the canucks so really, who is doing a better coaching job this season? Isn't it the coaches job to motivate the players? It looks to me that Green still has the team working hard after 3 years. Gallant really hasn't done anything since the inaugural Vegas season. They were suppose to be alot better last year and failed to reach expectations. This year with a full year of Stone they were suppose to be the runaway leaders in the Pacific division and here they are with the same amount of points as the Canucks with 2 more games played. I prefer Green to Gallant at this point in time.
  12. Yes I say we're not underachieving. From being a lotto team, to just making the playoffs is how I view the team. I don't have outrageous beliefs in thinking that this team is a cup contender at this point. The team goal is to make the playoffs. Even JB says the goal for this team this year is to play meaningful games late into the season, and to hopefully make the playoffs.
  13. The coaching changes you name are from teams that were underachieving. The Canucks are not underachieving, therefore no changes need to be made yet. The Canucks are not cup contenders. We hope they will be in a couple of seasons, so if they are not performing well in a couple years, maybe it's time for a coaching change. Everybody saying we need a coaching change now are a little too trigger happy.