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  1. Actually 0, other than what they get for playoffs, but I believe everybody on the team gets the same amount of pay in the playoffs. Their contracts are for the regular season.
  2. I thought it was a list for the playoffs to win the stanley cup.
  3. 1. Health 2. Luck 3. Skill 4/5. Determination/Work Ethic 6. Team Chemistry 7/8. Coaching/Systems 9. Staying Even Keel (no Highs/Lows) 10. Refereeing/Adapting to the Refereeing.
  4. My answer is N/A for all since this isn't round 1 of the playoffs.
  5. Toffoli is already in town and practicing with the team, so I doubt he's opting out. I haven't heard anybody on the Canucks saying that they'd opt out, unlike the Wild with Dubnyk possibly opting out.
  6. Hopefully we get some puck luck this game!! We really haven't been getting any the last week.
  7. We're still in a playoff spot!! No talking about Babcock!!
  8. Comments like this are the reason the Canucks' didn't give Horvat the Captaincy earlier than this season. The reason why rookies are sheltered by players like the Sedins'. Once they are the go to people the criticism gets real harsh from this fan base.
  9. Nope, I don't see an issue until they're no longer on the team. Then it becomes an issue. Why fret over something that may or may not happen?
  10. Gotta disagree with you here. It was his fault for letting in one of the goals. He shoulda stopped Werenski's shot that went through the 5 hole. It was a clear shot from the point.
  11. I didn't know I had to make a funny statement. I didn't see it in the rules!
  12. Viper007

    Jim Benning

    If they didn't sign Panarin in the off season this would not be the case. They would probably be in Detroit territory.