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  1. Thank you Daniel and Henrik for all the entertainment you have given us over the years. You will always and forever be Canucks. See you in the HHOF!
  2. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    They're not going to make 14 million next year. It's not our money so the only people that should care about the contracts are the Aquilinis. It's the management and coach that decide whether the Sedins are needed next year or not. If they believe there are enough young guys pushing for the spot, then don't sign them. If they don't believe there will be enough, they can re-sign them (provided that it's a fair contract).
  3. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    No I was saying that the 12 TOP FAs listed previously were not going to sign 1 year deals. The only one that I could see possibly signing a 1 year contract was Grabner. Other FAs may possibly sign for 1 year deals. But not the top FAs.
  4. When will we see Some physicality on the team again

    Weren't most of those guys gone for the last 2 cups?
  5. When will we see Some physicality on the team again

    If Scott Stevens played in todays NHL, he woulda been suspended alot. The hitting definitely ramps up in the playoffs, but the past winners lately have been built on speed and skill more. Pittsburgh and Chicago. Only team i would consider that follows the physical mold would be LA. But they had alot of skill too with a great goaltender and great defense.
  6. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    Most of those guys aren't getting locked up for 2-3 year deals most likely either. You're looking at 5-6 year deals.
  7. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    The problem is you're not getting any of the above on a 1 year deal.
  8. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    Well, if the Sedins' don't return, let's hope the kids do take over!
  9. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    Yes I understand that possession doesn't equal goals. I was stating if they are on for 1:45 PP time that would be the reason why they were on for that long. I don't think TG felt that Brock wasn't ready. I think he didn't start the season in the lineup, because he thought Brock was fatigued from all the preseason games. I think he would've put Brock in the 2nd game of the season, had the Canucks lost to Edmonton in the season opener. But because they won, he didn't want to change the lineup, since they played extremely well. Over the season, Brock has proven to be the go-to goal scorer, therefore he got promoted to the top PP. That's how I look at it.
  10. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    They're only on for that long if they have possession. If the PP isn't going well, they're off after 1 min. or less.
  11. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    By producing on the 2nd unit. Prove that you can contribute. That's the way I see you can prove yourself.
  12. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    Artificially inflating the team? We're one of the 3 worst teams in the league right now. Nothing is being inflated.
  13. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    Yes, that is the unknown. We don't know. I want the Sedins' the be pushed out, but until the prospects prove that they can, I still think the team can use the Sedins'. We're in a rebuild still anyways. Another year of getting another draft/prospects isn't gonna kill us. Rebuilding takes time, we just need to be patient and not rush the prospects until they prove that they are ready. I wish that we all can have a crystal ball and say when that will happen, but unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. Or I'd be a millionaire .
  14. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    The only year Granlund was productive was the year he played WITH the Sedins. Goldobin has been getting more minutes, even getting time playing on the top line, and is not performing. I love how people think that just because you get more playing time you're automatically gonna start scoring as much as the Sedins' have. The Sedins' are HOFers. Not every prospect is gonna become that. We can only hope they do. Granlund has had more average TOI than the Sedins' this year and hasn't produced anywhere close to what he should be producing with those minutes. Yes, overall the production of others will increase, but will it increase the amount that the Sedins' have produced, most likely not. In fact, I predict if the Sedins' aren't on the team next year, the PP will be worse.