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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    That's too bad. How bout you keep watching and not talk on here. I'm sure you won't be missed by too many people.
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    Nope, and he was apparently -4 . I did notice that he has an "A" on his sweater, according to the stats.
  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    Not true, Matheson looked pissed and was looking to do something. I'm sure even with a deterrent on EPs wing, this would happen!
  4. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    I don't know if anybody has stated this cause I'm not gonna go back 70+ pages to look, but the reaction here reminds me of the Naslund/Moore incident. Everybody wanting retribution. So we want another Bertuzzi incident? Cause that's the feeling I'm getting. Hopefully the league will punish Matheson for the dirty play. I suspect 5 games should be suffice.
  5. 4-1 Canucks. 2 pts for Brock.
  6. Ummm ... they only had 1 PP.
  7. Who the heck is Elmers?
  8. But, but, but .... he already has a poop emoji on the GDT
  9. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    I think the only way somebody offers anything for him is if that team is in some huge injury issues.
  10. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Eriksson and Gagner (will be gone anyways) have actually produced in the NHL, in other words they're proven. Pouliot is a defenseman, who has never been top 4, so I don't know why you mentioned him. Nillson is a backup goaltender, also what does he have to do with getting 2nd line playing minutes?
  11. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    He didn't do it playing with the Sedins' last year. I'm pretty sure they're at a level even higher than Virtanen.
  12. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    If Virtanen doesn't do that right now on the 4th line, what makes you think he'll do it on the 2nd line? If he was consistently crashing the net, I don't think he would be on the 4th line to begin with. Nothing is given with the Canucks, it has to be earned.