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  1. He's still playing 26 min. a game. I don't think SJ would be playing him that much if he's that bad.
  2. haha I'm not looking for props. I'm saying I'm thinking the same way.
  3. He's still producing in the playoffs though. He's playing injured, and still putting up points. I'll take that any day, compared to all our defenseman.
  4. I mentioned this in the other thread.
  5. Why are you comparing his whole tenure? Isn't it only been 3 years since they basically went full rebuild? The first couple years the nucks were retooling, therefore not really acquiring picks. Whether that was the right decision, that's up for debate, but you can't start from the beginning, counting all the draft picks, when they're not rebuilding from the start of Benning's tenure.
  6. You're comparing a Norris trophy winning, future HOFer Defenseman, UFA to our core who haven't even played 5 seasons yet combined. They're going to be RFAs when their contracts are up so the team has more control. Saying they will not come cheap, depends on how the players feel what they want to do. Let's hope they're not like Nylander, and hope they're more like the Sedins' in their prime taking hometown discounts.
  7. I'm actually hoping they trade with Colorado and get the 4th pick. Give em 10th OA, 40th OA, and Hutton (who they seemed to have interest in). Of course with the stipulation that BYRAM is still there.
  8. Why are you creating a new thread for this?
  9. To me, it looks like most fans are fine with Benning. And who cares bout he rest of the hockey world, although I do believe most hockey people believe he's doing a decent job (ie Burke).
  10. But weren't they Top 10, 2 seasons ago? They didn't contribute as much as the team would have liked, but the PP wasn't the problem. This season, the power play wasn't as good, but neither of them were on the team for very long, so we can't really blame those 2 now can we?
  11. Usual course of action is to fire the GM before looking for a replacement. Last I heard, JB is still GM. And from the sounds of it, FA doesn't look like he's looking to replace him.