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  1. This isn't how contracts work now. RFAs are getting paid now. I suggested awhile back that everybody should have a set contract and then add bonuses based on production. The NHLPA will NEVER let that happen. But it sure as hell will get rid of agents since they won't be needed lol. Management has to do these contracts based on future production. It's just the way things work, or else you will get players who will hold out a la NYLANDER, or offer sheeted (Brock is excluded). I'm sure every team in the NHL would sign him for more than what you're suggesting. You should think logically about contracts instead of what you want, because that's not how the NHL works anymore. No NHL team is gonna base his contract on what he's done now. It'll all be based on what they think he will produce in the future.
  2. Timo also played on a far superior team. I'm sure Brock would've gotten that 10 points if he were playing on the sharks. If we do what you suggest and sign him to a 1 year show me deal, and Brock ends up scoring 40 goals/80 pts. He'll then want even more money. Do you want to risk that? And really screw up any future cap structure? You structure a deal just like you did with Bo Horvat. Overpay in the early years, and by the end of the contract, it is a good cap hit. I would be happy if BB signs for 6 mill x 4 years, like Timo Meier, just pay it straight out instead of the 10 mill back end deal. I would be even more impressed if they can get a max term deal say 8 mill x 8 years.
  3. I never read anything when he was on CanucksArmy, but I did read his articles when they were on, and listened to him when on SN 650. He is very insightful and a good read. Good hire Canucks.
  4. I like the concept, but it wouldn't work. Hockey is a team sport. If those stipulations were put in, a lot of players would just play for themselves trying to get points. You'd have to put in a lot of different stipulations in too, it wouldn't be just the points. It'll be TOI, PP Time, SH Time, linemates, etc. etc. Opening up a big can of worms. Plus you have to put in clauses for injuries too. These contracts you want would be like the NFL, and as far as I know, the NFLPA is the worst out of all of the major sports.
  5. You think restaurants and bars are packed with canuck fans for playoffs or for a draft lottery? There answers your question.
  6. I'm more of 1. Win Stanley Cup 2. Win Western Conference Final Playoffs 3. Win Division Final Playoffs 4. Win First Round Playoffs 5. Make Playoffs. 6. Win 1st Overall In Draft. 7. Win 2nd Overall In Draft. 8. Win 3rd Overall In Draft. I will always want to be a winner than a loser. Bottoming out and winning the lottery doesn't always make you win a cup. 2007 (Chicago) is the last team who had drafted a 1st overall on their team and won the Stanley cup. That's 12 freaking seasons. Not good odds if you ask me.
  7. I think Winnipeg is taking a real big step backwards. I think the Canucks might be able to pass them.
  8. Probably won't come out till after 2 pm tomorrow. I think that's the deadline.
  9. How is Gaudette not on the positive side?? I'm sure he's 1 WAR.
  10. A ok, thanks. I remember hearing Myers and thought it was Tyler. He's still Canadian though. Just born in America.
  11. Tyler Paul Myers is an American-born Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman currently playing for the Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League. He was drafted by the Sabres in the first round, 12th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. Wikipedia
  12. Isn't he Canadian?? I'm sure he played for Team Canada this WHC.