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  1. happy b-day!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Olympics starts today as well! yay!

  3. Name That Goalie!

    Is three Giguere?
  4. OMG Snow?

    you're such a chick.
  5. OMG Snow?

  6. OMG Snow?

    snowed here in pitt meadows from 12 - 1
  7. haha i see, i post a lot too :P... well welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  8. Yea.. Im making up for months of being unable to create an account here, after I've been lurking for over a year.

    Plus, I've had alot of time on my hands since i got the account, so yea.

  9. OMG Snow?

    HOLY ambulocetus!
  10. Whoa, 60 post's per day :o

  11. OMG Snow?

    omg, global warming.
  12. hahaha omg, YOU NEVER FINISH!! hah those were so funny..

  13. Hard to Say Goodbye - APR.10.08

    Hey Ryan, thanks for the great year, an all the exciting times. I hope you have a great summer, enjoy everything, an good luck with the baby. Thanks for all the blogs kess. You're my idol!
  14. I HOPE YOU DID NOT FALL ASLEEP. I just got home now lol. cccccccchhhhhaaaaaaammmmmmpppppp!

  15. i didn't forget, but im gonna watch them when ur on