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  1. Yes they sholud have started him, so he could get hurt, and ruin the trade. Quote "Fool"
  2. And he failed again.
  3. "Thats a goalscorrers goal right there" i head someone say
  4. Ok i am borred, but Hansen fan club girls. says hi.
  5. I am truely sorry, that this happend to you, but why do you take it out on Hansen ?
  6. You are of topic. Ps. The twins only have 2 even strenght goals each i 17 games, Hand'sen have 4. Let's waiv the twin's. Statistic is a bitch.
  7. Goal at even strength, Vancouver Higgins 5 Hand'sen 4 Burrows 3 Hodgson 3 Lapierre 3 Sedins 2+2 Edler 2 + a few with 1 NHL stats
  8. Twins! Sounds nice, pick 1 and 2 in the 2029 entry they hold a Danish passport?
  9. The Jensen's take on it. (in Danish, but Google is your friend).
  10. Please please. make one of Jannik Hansen. Like the one you made of Wellwood.

    I wolud like to print something funny, on the Sportsweebsite i am writing for (Non Profit)