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  1. umm.. happy 1st? b-day again.. :P

  2. Greatest username ever?

    I think so

  3. OMG Snow? Check out the road. Complete whiteout. Its still snowing. And the bus loop is practically under. Feel bad for the stranded folks up there must be a b*tch.
  4. OMG Snow?

    Yes there was blockades. It was total gridlock up there that they blocked people from entering the parking lots and blocked people from getting up or leaving, because they blocked all the ways to the campus the roads couldn't be cleared.
  5. OMG Snow?

    They should cancel classes tomorrow, for the folks up there stranded, must be pretty pissed.
  6. OMG Snow?

    You can't walk down the hill in this condition after the University Dr./Gaglardi way intersection, just no way unless you have your ski gear and super duper snow boots and a flashlight.
  7. OMG Snow?

    My brother said they shut down the roads to SFU and telling people in their cars to park em and get back to campus. Most of the people there are stuck because of no bus service and I just don't see it starting up anytime soon because the buses already have a hard time getting up the mountain without snow. I remember in my days, about twice the b-line bus broke down because it was packed to the max and it just couldn't get up. Don't know about now.
  8. OMG Snow?

    No snow in Delta. Ah well. Crystal clear.
  9. OMG Snow?

    Just listening to the local new stations and they are saying we can expect 10-15 cm of snow tonight. SFU closing down for another day seems likely at this point.
  10. OMG Snow?

    is SFU gonna shutdown......please god happen
  11. OMG Snow?

    I made my mind and not going to school tomorrow, I have to catch a freakin bus from Delta all the way to SFU, I'm just sleeping in screw it.... Hopefully SFU cancel classes but its highly unlikely.
  12. OMG Snow?

    You guys think SFU will cancel classes??? I'm out here in Delta, lets hope for alot of snow!