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  1. yes trump has been the one with the best intel and reaction to this on the world stage. because he suggested it so early many other doctors around the world have had the time to do proper testing. i admit his leadership is whats driving the boat right now, you got me
  2. were a day or so away from the exact same trial completing in New York. It's been 100% effective and many other anti parasitic are being tested and having positive results
  3. https://techstartups.com/2020/03/18/breaking-controlled-clinical-study-conducted-doctors-in-france-shows-hydroxychloroquine-cures-100-coronavirus-patients-within-6-days-treatment-covidtrial-io/
  4. https://techstartups.com/2020/03/18/breaking-controlled-clinical-study-conducted-doctors-in-france-shows-hydroxychloroquine-cures-100-coronavirus-patients-within-6-days-treatment-covidtrial-io/
  5. there's is a difference between medicinal dosage and drinking koi pond cleaner. If you can't tell them apart you get a darwin award. Refusing a cure that can get the world back on its feet out of political hatred isn't the best idea for those who would be in harms way.
  6. ok show me a financial ledger that shows all accounting transparently? https://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/24/us/cash-flowed-to-clinton-foundation-as-russians-pressed-for-control-of-uranium-company.html if the deal isn't secret please post it as i would love to read the official wordings of this
  7. im lost as to what the point your making is so ill say this checks and balances are important. Absolute power corrupts absolutely Are you allowed to say negative things about trump and not fear legal repercussions? If yes then were good free speech still exists. If no then we've crossed the line into totalitarianism, not a fan
  8. oh baby FISA brings down the deep state house of cards can't wait for these court cases to catch up to the facts we already know, again the wheels of justice turn slow but trump is doing things the right way, which puts him on a level of one of the greatest american presidents of all time
  9. i think your confused as to what Representatives are and what staff members are. all elected officials can hire staffers of their own choosing. If said elected official looses their seat all their staffers go with them, its not a hard concept
  10. it can't get trump sorry to dash your hopes his cure that we banned has gone through proper medical trials and it works. See France medical news for confirmation. Hydroxychloroquine is legit, you heard it hear first, this is the beginning of the end
  11. the problem with the iran deal is it was passed in the middle of the night as a classified top secret document. The only people in all of america that we know have seen it is Obama and DJT. I'm going to take the one guy who has clearance to actually look at the things opinion of it more seriously than all the fact checker organisations who have never seen the wording of the deal. No american politicians have ever seen whats in it because again it was passed without debate and was labeled top secret. No media has ever seen whats in it, i haven't seen whats in it you haven't seen it. Trump has. the fact that you think literal facebook moderators are the voice of FACTS in this situation and the one guy talking about things that dose have the (big picture) can't be trusted says alot. how do you think people would react if trump start passing top secret multi million dollar spending bills where planes full of cash bills started flying around the world. people would lose thier minds, but for obama its totally fine, no double standard here huh?