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  1. the call from the war room was the turning point it's still weird to see calls going our way
  2. please don't go full turtle you never go FULL TURTLE
  3. defend the 0-0 tie take our chances in the shootout
  4. wienerdogs for everyone
  5. was getting exciting for a bit there, but sutters goal song put me back to sleep
  6. slick mitts, what a pass pick off out of clean air
  7. he is still getting his stuff
  8. we need to lose now so we can win? all these games the teams winning right now is really holding them back from greatness
  9. marty broduer has retired maybe time to retire the marty broduer penalty
  10. a win tonight and the wild card race sure gets interesting
  11. member when we had a 9 game losing streek, i member
  12. the kids are showing some consistency i like it
  13. so snipe he broke the paint off