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  1. to be fair that was an even up from the phatom to much man at the start nice moves sneeky pete
  2. sure, sure, but have you ever seen him juggle.... On A uNiCycLE !!1!1
  3. that goal was so bad tony stretcher could literally taste it
  4. a wise man once told me you got to know when to fold em, know when to walk away never count your money when your sittin at the table
  5. everyone who has access to a lawnmower you know what to do
  6. casual 1sts and casual 2nds but the turd is all business everything is proceeding as planned
  7. to fully understand coach green one must become the green
  8. we should trade him while we can still get maybe a draft pick or something for him trade everyone and fire all the coaches and whats up with that toffolli bum, why hasnt he scored a hat trick yet, total bust
  9. see what happens when marky dosn't see a ton a rubber let the wild shoot and we win
  10. high hockey iq huggy he could tell we didnt want the big PP