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  1. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    Linden left because russian bots took out ads on facebook
  2. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    hypothetical question? for sake of argument let's say petterson makes the team to start the season. What roster gives him the best chance of having the most successful year? FA beagle shaller and rousell group vs what we would look like from filling with current youth just remember what happened to the TEAM when dorsett got shut down
  3. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    the rift benning plan lose 82 games 3-2 linden plan lose 82 game 5-1 both plans miss the playoffs, one just get a better pick *lucky balls
  4. Bure / Churla from 1994

    elbow =/= shoulder guentzel hit is clean as far as his body positioning, had he lead with his elbow...
  5. Playoff Hockey : Still a street fight. CANUCKS ARE YOU WATCHING ?

    i try not to think how things might have turned out if the big russian had some time under green in the 1st year with utica? Fingers still crossed we see big tram in canucks jersey once again
  6. Bure vs Boeser

    fair point, the defense was played very differently in bure's rookie season vs brocks. In bure's day the team defense wasn't as structured but you could shure as hell hook and grab and slow guys down no worries, thinking of the churla incident, you just can't skate around hounding the stars as a goon any more, you also wouldn't get away with the mother of all elbows in todays game. It's like comparing tomatoes to potatoes, similar but totally different
  7. Bure vs Boeser

    bure got his points in the height of the cluch and grab dead puck bearhug everything era. This is one of those polls that will be split by the voters age. No offense to brocks accomplishments but bure was a player on a different planet than the guys around him in his prime. No contest
  8. [PGT] Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    the future looks so bright i gotta wear shades
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

    were too good to tank
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Vegas Golden Knights

    something something next year...
  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    i want to see a goal put jussi back in
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    they are really really good at the tank... maybe a little too good
  13. [PGT] New York Islanders vs. Vancouver Canucks

    markstrom shout out was the turning point
  14. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    hard fought point lipstick and clamatto has some wheels
  15. Alex Edler still not interested in waving NTC

    why you hef to be mad Edler will retire a canuck legend let's all dial back on the drama and let the rejigger get it's jigger on