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  1. 1) most of the players asked did say it was sad to see him go, horvat, beartchi, dorsett. The sedins made a point to share the blame around the entire team when talking about willie. They actually said the willie fireing said more about the individual performance of the team than willies coaching. It might have more to do with what you want to hear or maybe the kids all loved him and the vets all hated him, but i doubt it 2) as far as work ethic the sedins are easily our best conditioned athletes and at their age that's impressive, as far as putting in the work to be ready to play hockey it's not even close
  2. yep, hurt feeling that willie didn't play the kids the way the FANS wanted. Who cares that willies way was actually better for the kids development in the long run, who cares that we had a coach that held our players accountable. The facts of the matter mean nothing when compared to the fans FEELINGS. willie had the ear of the room, his players clearly understood that you have to put in hard work to earn your spot, it didn't matter what the name on the back of your jersey was if you had all the talent in the world you still had to work harder than a guy like a chaput or a megna to stick in the line up. I get that you want to make changes after an abysmal season but coaching was never our one and only problem last year just the easiest target for a quick fix wille did play the kids and he did treat all players equally only difference is the FANS divided up the ice time based on offensive potential alone, willie went by work ethic and defensive awareness. Offense helps you win games and defense helps you win championships
  3. the original Tokyo drift, you could pull off epic power slides on one of these
  4. why not zoidburg?
  5. that's what i got also all of their descriptions of what they might be looking for in a future coach described greens situation to a tee
  6. the new coach will have the final "option" on weather jarvis sticks, he is still a valuable hockey mind in a support role, the powerplay isn't much to brag about though
  7. i' don't think anyone is safe in this market, we would run bobby freeking orr out of town for pinching too much
  8. just look at gudies short playoff history with the panthers, i'm sold just on that alone as he was a BEAST in the post season, some guys elevate there game in the second season and he is one of them
  9. so with wille out of town we are all now on the "get rid of gudbranson bandwagon" ??? sure doesn't take long to get the pitchforks and torches out for the next good witchhunt round these parts
  10. if 90% of your active roster makes huge strides forward in there play and your team still sucks then maybe you didn't start with all that good of a roster to begin with. Every player outside of the twins erickson and edler made huge strides forward this year yet we still end up with 69 points
  11. he job is to literally stick his chin out to the public and be a hate magnet
  12. because he was playing the long game the plugs and vets get the ice time to allow time and space for the kids to "develop" playing the kids straight away and in putting them in positions over their heads is a short game strategy which often has negative long term results playing the vets in the tough match ups and letting the kids grow at there own pace is a long term strategy that often has positive long term results
  13. it could be the coaching kiss of greatness, most coaches we fire end up doing very well in there next job
  14. Seems the tankers hate willie because he gave them exactly what they wanted. if all we want is loses seems weird that they just fired the guy that takes all the blame for losing. I don't think that's the end game plan from the top down.
  15. so fire the coach so we can bring in someone who can be Really Really bad and we can loose for a few more years and make this franchise great again?