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  1. 4thLineGrinder

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Montreal Canadiens | Jan. 03, 2019

    would you have preferred they go "full burtuzzi" ? sutter said nothing wrong, y'all need to have a snickers bar the team played hard but price is gonna price some nights, the team didnt think the injury was dirty, time to move on and not be victims to emotional baggage
  2. 4thLineGrinder

    Do the Canucks need to do more to protect Elias Pettersson?

    teams fine again... it's the fans that are the problem
  3. 4thLineGrinder

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Montreal Canadiens | Jan. 03, 2019

    props to the team for keeping it classy through an emotional game
  4. 4thLineGrinder

    [PGT] Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 22, 2018

    classic canucks make thier back up goalie look godlike
  5. interference on big buff, rousell was no where near the puck
  6. ... if all the team needs for xmass is a vidah game, then i'd argue were in a pretty good spot according to burkie...
  7. 4thLineGrinder

    [PGT] St. Louis Blues at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 20, 2018

    the team is jelloing along nicely
  8. 4thLineGrinder

    [PGT] Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 16, 2018

    ep40 all night long hitch cock !!
  9. lol louie is such a classy gentleman, he didnt want to score on the fragile young oilers so he just pushes a muffin back into the tendys pads
  10. its been alot more petterson than mcdavid tonight