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  1. sbisa for norris rumblings
  2. they might want to slow the win train down or teams might just start to take us seriously
  3. sad but true the comeback kids do it again
  4. activate the wonder twin powers
  5. 4 - 2 nux sbisa with the 1st trip to the box
  6. they shouldn't be too tiered from last night's game..... the team didn't start skating till the third period
  7. down 1-0 .....time to blow it up and start the tank
  8. poke check of the year candidate?
  9. drop the puck allready
  10. think of it as burrows and dorsett have been promoted to the 2nd line
  11. Sedin, Sedin, Eriksson Baertchi, Granlund, Skille Gaunce, Sutter, Hansen Burrows, Horvat, Dorsett Rodin/Virtanen Edler, Tanev Hutton, Gudbranson Sbisa, Larsen Tryamkin, Biega Miller, Markstrom
  12. eleventybillon to nun granny pops the 1st one
  13. or keep both and send stecher down till the 1st injury or a trade happens
  14. looks like with pedan on waviers tryamkin will be the extra d on the left side which leaves us biega, stecher, and larsen all still in the fight for the last spot on the right side