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  1. chaput has alot more to give, so far we have only seen flashes put i think your right
  2. starting him on our top line somehow doesn't show the kid confidence? Steadily increasing his ice time as he earns it game to game isn't building confidence? Starting him on the PP? You know a tactic Willie D is a master at in building young players confidence? He doesn't put them in a position to fail. Everyone rips on him for sheltering the kids from match-ups that are over their heads. That's what the sedins are for, lol take last night for example, Hank will recover from that late penalty, no harm, no foul. Had that been one of the kids making that mistake the toll on ones confidence would have been much much greater. So Willie D is doing exactly as you want him to it;s just you can't see it through all the hate
  3. 2k post, i feel like i have accomplished something. Today was a good day
  4. it's defiantly not laziness at all, boucher has great hockey IQ, he knows where to be and where to go and he has a sexy release and a heavy shot. Lets call it a consistency issue. I just get the sense that if he were in better shape physically he wouldn't be as prone to making those "bad plays defensively"
  5. next year should be fun
  6. it also has to do with his ability to back check late in periods, if you watch the games it's like magic, he slows down and then gets benched but yeah, fire willie
  7. the shot differential might have something to do with the hawks having a much better talent pool to draw from. They are by far the better team, yet we won the game at the end of the day So how do you beat talent with scrubs? Thats right, solid systems, good goaltending, good coaching and a ton of effort you don't fire your coach for getting players to buy into the system and play hard no matter the odds. You think the owners look at this roster and are as pissed as you are that wille won with it? Based off this game alone it sure looks like willie D is the right guy to get the most out these so called plugs moving forward, he just beat the hawks with an AHL roster
  8. nope, sutters line was on to end the period, boucher on the bench resting period ends then comercial break then they show the highlights from around the league and now a quick word from our sponsor Now we have the interview, the kid was gassed by the third so he swaps spots with shore, if he wants to stay on bo's line he needs to get in shape, props to willie for spotting this and making coaching adjustments on the fly, the guys a winner
  9. every and any sedin interview, they are fine, same with horvat, ... basically all the players that don't get benched in the third can talk without gasping for air
  10. i don't get any Vancouver radio so I'm guessing that's why I am able to look at games like this and feel like Willie did a hell of a job getting his team ready to play the hawks. On paper this should have been no contest. all i can go by is just watching all the games and i can tell you boucher has potential, love the kids shot, but it has nothing to do with trust, it's all about his conditioning. Ever think the reason he never gets big minutes, especially in the third is because he can't handle big minutes yet. He did a between periods interview tonight and was winded out of breath and the period had been over for a good five minutes. I see something there talent wise but he needs to get in shape over the summer.
  11. if its true goldobin lost over 15 pounds to his flu then that is pretty serious. He is not the biggest guy to begin with and losing that much of a % of your total mass will take a huge toll. Good news is he's back skating again so we should most likely see him again before the seasons end
  12. what the hell are you talking about here? Have you not seen a recent gametime roster, what youth is he supposed to play that are not currently playing?
  13. right, it's like saying "I hate willie because reason X, we should replace him with a coach who is reason X personified though"
  14. it's the new Raymond, Ballard, and a 1st for ......
  15. as far as i'm concerned, Hitchcock is the reason we have the 2 min penalty for shooting the puck over the glass. Much the same way Marty Broduer is the reason for the trapazoid. I dare you to go back and watch any random game from Hitchcocks Dallas Stars team play hockey. This was the pinnacle of clutch and grab, slow it down trap boring ass hockey. It was so BORING AF they literally re wrote the rule book to deal with his coaching strategies. All pucks in defensive zone shot over the glass, repeat.