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  1. our forward group got faster and more skilled. we added grit and toughness to our defensive group. If we can score goals we don't need to add more toughness. next years powerplay should do alot better
  2. Toronto was in full tank mode all last season and everyone around here knows that the more you lose on purpose the better your team is. the leafs tanked so hard they prolly won't even lose a single game next year
  3. remember the good ole days when we used to just bitch about the kassian and hodgson trades,... pepperridge farms remembers
  4. do not want luch can play his game in boston, he can do his thing in LA, but the second he puts on a canucks jersey he is a penalty magnet. if edler gets multiple suspensions for players skating into him then lucic will be the new poster boy for the league enforcing the big bad dirty canucks. Too expensive for non stop borderline boarding calls and questionable suspensions. pass
  5. maybe next year three game win streaks wont be such a big deal
  6. things were going great in the moose years, but the wolves years were a trainwreck for development. The comets system looks real promising moving forward
  7. higgins with a hat trick and the shootout winner
  8. upper body? left game and did not return
  9. any update on granlund? how many call ups did that game produce?
  10. jets make us look so small
  11. the hockey gods love there 5-2 's
  12. this season and pucks to the head man
  13. they forgot how too defence
  14. book em danno
  15. did the bieber play in the peg?