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  1. It is true...
  2. Since they are playing the Blackhawks, tickets will not be that cheap. The Blackhawks are still a premium game (IIRC)...and you will also be competing with a lot of Blackhawks fans for tickets. The rivalry between the two teams is also dead, but still a good ticket imo
  3. This. Are the Canucks better than Dallas, Winnipeg and LA? If so...we still need to be better than the top 8, and that is more than a stretch. I think the Canucks have improved, to the point where we will be the best...of the worse (Ari, Col)
  4. That is amazing value for Ferland
  5. Oh I don't think Horvat is a great player. Nor do I think he is worth anything over 5.5 million lol. He is just in a very unique and powerful position as the teams best player right now...which is sad (and doesn't say much about the Canucks as you said lol). I just feel that with his position, he has the potential of handcuffing the Canucks, which will probably lead to Linden and Benning cracking under the pressure to sign their top forward. I agree that really he should only be paid 4-5 million.
  6. Thing is with Johnson is he had one good season points wise (72) and since then its been 38 & 45.
  7. Yea. Thats what I'm hoping for. That being said I wouldn't be surprised if it was 8 years at 56 or 58 million (7 or 7.25 million AAV). Horvat and his agent currently knows at the moment, he is our best player.
  8. given where the market is heading i would say: 8 years @ 54 million (6.75AAV)
  9. honestly we really can't compare until 5 years out. Then we can see where they are.
  10. I have a sneaking suspicion that Rogers will piggy back off the TV feed. It saves money. I hope they do not though
  11. Ive met Toews, Kane, Hossa, Keith, Crawford in recent years. And Ray Ferraro. Met a lot of Canucks between the years of 1999-2003. Most recent Canuck probably was TL or Eddie Lack. Most memorable to me however was meeting Scotty Bowman.
  12. When I heard that I was
  13. Unless there is government intervention, I do not see the housing market crashing. The Vancouver and Toronto markets should be viewed differently from the rest of the country. You cannot compare Vancouver to say Saskatoon. High housing costs are just the cost of living in Vancouver and a reality we all have to face.
  14. As long as they don't screw up the economy... and they better not crash housing
  15. Toronto, Chicago, San Jose, New York Rangers,