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  1. look at the oilers. first overall doesnt guarantee you helps...but you have to have a good cast as well
  2. Going to Vancouver for the Sedin's Jersey Retirement

    This is probably the best bet of what they will do given the significance
  3. Schedule makers colluding with the Canucks

    There are also a few concerts already booked at the Rog for some of those dates
  4. Your favourite NHL teams ranked 1-31

    1 Toronto Maple Leafs 2 Tampa Bay Lightning 3 Chicago Blackhawks 4 Vancouver Canucks 5 Edmonton Oilers 6 St. Louis Blues 7 Winnipeg Jets 8 San Jose Sharks 9 Nashville Predators 9 Florida Panthers 11 New York Rangers 11 Calgary Flames 13 Montreal Canadiens 14 Boston Bruins 14 Pittsburgh Penguins 16 Detroit Red Wings 16 LA Kings 18 Philadelphia Flyers 18 Anaheim Ducks 20 Dallas Stars 20 Ottawa Senators 22 Buffalo Sabres 22 Minnesota Wild 22 Colorado Avalanche 22 New Jersey Devils 26 Carolina Hurricanes 26 Columbus Blue Jackets 28 Washington Capitals 29 New York Islanders 30 Arizona Coyotes
  5. Erik Gudbranson suspended one game for hit on Frank Vatrano

    He already got a 5 min major and a game misconduct. I say he gets a fine or an additional 1 game suspension. Nothing more than that.
  6. I'm sorry. I know he went 2nd after McDavid, but at this point in his career, he is not a $10 million per season guy. He should have had to earn that.
  7. Preseason GDT/PGT Oilers @ Canucks | Sept 30 | 7PM | SN

    That was a nice play and a nice goal
  8. Bring back the old Canucks site

    Im glad someone likes it! For me, I thought the stats section was a terrible step backwards and a hard UI to navigate.
  9. Bring back the old Canucks site

    The entire NHL website was framework was designed with only one thought in mind: mobile. Their web team disregarded the desktop experience and this is the result. A terrible web experience. I for one miss the old one as well.
  10. Sekeres throws BS shade at Goldy

    I haven't changed the dial. 650 is terrible imo That being said...IIRC they were debating if he would go if Goldy didn't make the Canucks. I don't remember him saying he would 100% go. It was more of a discussion. I think this was the same segment as asset management.
  11. the iPhone 8 thread

    Man...thats what i get for copying and pasting and not really paying attention xD
  12. the iPhone 8 thread

    Pricing for iPhone X is insane... 64GB - $1,319.00 CDN256GB - $1,529.00 CDN
  13. oh i like this idea! Perhaps make the NHL 19 years +. If you draft an 18 year old, their either need to go back to junior or get assigned to AHL.
  14. the iPhone 8 thread

    Absolutely nothing. But some people like to have the latest and greatest tech/features. The thing is, the difference between the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 5, 6 were all significant. They offered something that made it worth upgrading. But as tech as advanced, the differences are less. So now you have people upgrading because they want the newest and greatest, because its cool, and/or status.
  15. the iPhone 8 thread

    Rumor has the naming convention to be: iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X (edited: latest rumour now has it as X) I probably will pass on this model. My iPhone 6 is still going strong...and plus the Canadian price will be ridiculous...