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  1. No Hearing for Larrson on his hit on McCann

    mccann has to keep his head up. it also looks like he mishandled the puck and it got away from him...
  2. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    There is a reason Calgary gave up on this guy...and traded him to a division rival.... ...he's not that good...
  3. Because distance would require users to tap off buses....which is currently the problem they are trying to avoid switching to a 1 zone bus fare. For those living and travelling within Vancouver...the zone fare is very beneficial. I live 1 stop from Vancouver via skytain and I have to pay 2 zones when going to work
  4. College textbook takes a shot at the Maple Leafs cup drought

    That is hilarious. Further research shows the main author, Gary Lipschutz, being a resident of Toronto haha. Link to textbook:
  5. [Report] Ryane Clowe's NHL career is over

    Concussions are scary stuff. It's unfortunate to not be able to go out on ones own terms but health is the most important thing. All the best to him though
  6. Suing phone companies (BELL) in small claims

    IMO you are out of luck. It's pretty black and white in this case. You went over the 100 allowed minutes. It doesn't matter who you were went over. Once you go over, the phone and plan is contractually yours. Also, there is always a chance you lose data in the migration process. Contacts are the most important, but everything else is basically misc stuff. What phone did you have and what did you migrate your data too?
  7. Who is the next Oilers captain?

    Leave it with Ference for now When he is done just give 3 A's to Hall, Eberle, and McDavid. They are basically leaders there anyways.
  8. Canucks@Bruins Jan 21

    i remember going to the Canucks v Hawks playoff games in Vancouver and fans booed Seabrook's aint that classy either. Also, there is that little blemish we call the riots. Not 1, but 2 in our short history. Yes it wasn't "canucks" fans who started it, but there were still a load of Canucks fans watching who chose to join in/do nothing.
  9. Metal detectors being introduced this year... chaos?

    i went to a BlueJays game at the Rogers Centre this summer and they had metal detectors. It was quick...
  10. [Signing] Canucks Re-Sign F Sven Baertschi

    ill say 1.75 mill
  11. Which nhl players or folk have you met in person?

    naslund linden morrison toews kane keith crawford seabrook scotty bowman ray ferarro cammy granato bunch of random cancers throughout the ages
  12. Why is it the Canucks are being written off before the puck drops?

    Yes...bottom 6 is important, but so is having a skilled top 6. canucks basically have 1 first line and 3 third lines....not going to win you cups...
  13. [Retired] Former Flames 1st Round Pick Greg Nemisz retires in the Age of 25

    concussions are something that shouldn't be taken lightly. if he feels this is the best for him, good on him.
  14. "As a primary logo, the orca isn't going anywhere"

    Lets look at some of the most successful teams...Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, Colorado Avalanche...they all had eras...and i don't see them changing their logos. I for one am glad they are not changing it. The Orca, is creating its own history now. This is the "Canucks" jersey moving forward
  15. Laurence Gilman, Lorne Henning, Eric Crawford FIRED

    wow...did not expect that at all...