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  1. How does this handcuff the Flames? At $6.75 mill per year? He is one of their top guys... We are also paying Eriksson $6 per year...and he is 31
  2. that was vintage Sedin
  3. It's a league cookie cutter theme. Not a fan of it...too much scrolling and no real sense of direction on where your attention should go to. The url looks weird too. Instead of a subdomain, it looks to just be a page off the NHL main website.
  4. This is a Heritage Classic I'm going to watch. Love the jerseys too
  5. I would love to bring Ladd home. Been wanting this for years
  6. It's Ohlund. The Canucks wanted to do it earlier but felt it was weird since he was under contract with TB until the end of this season
  7. To be fair, a project like this would require looking ahead and forecasting. With all the condos going up and new development, the Vancouver landscape will look vastly different in 20 years. And for what its worth, Melon Arena was 43 years old and in the end...deemed to be showing age. So in 20 years, Rogers will be 40. Lets hope it stands the test of time but who knows. Will Francesco be the owner still? Who knows, but whoever it is, will undoubtly want to expand the seating. With the viaducts set to be torn down, this is doable via renovation, but at what cost if the arena infrastructure is aging. If the owner decides to build a new arena, it might honestly not even be downtown. Look what the Vancouver Giants did by moving their operations to where their core demographic/audience is. Now if Vancouver housing becomes more unaffordable and it pushes families East towards Surrey, Langley, and Abbotsford, I could see them building a new arena in a central area. In doing so, the owner would be able to sell the current land Rogers Arena sits on or build more condos. I can almost guarantee Francesco has been down this road already, and has looked at alternatives. Even when they built Rogers Arena, I am sure Griffiths was told that one day the viaducts might come down. Why else would he pigeonhole himself between two roadways? 20 years is still far away, but when it comes to planning and purchasing land, they have to be strategic and on top of it.
  8. Rogers overpaid. I am 99% certain TSN was planning to take a shot at becoming the national carrier of all things NHL before the Rogers deal took place. Look at their current channel lineup with TSN 1-5. Getting those 5 channels is a process and wouldn't have been done over night...and ain't cheap. It has to go through regulatory commissions and what not. My bet is they were going to broadcast hockey on all those on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesdays...or some combo like that. It seems that was their long term vision...which is why they paid so much for the HNIC theme song.
  9. West: Chicago & San Jose East: Florida & NYR
  10. Yea i agree with you. I saw the video after I made my comment. Not impressed with Keith...even as a Blackhawks fan. I say give him 10 games but knowing the NHL it will probably be 6. 5 reg season, 1 playoff game
  11. reckless with his hockey stick...but i think that is all. To me he is rolling over and swinging in one motion. 1 game if it were up to me. keith has to me more careful. i doubt he gets anything though edit: after seeing the video it looks like Keith pauses before full swinging...and thus a deliberate attack. I say give him 10 games. but knowing the NHL it will be 6. 5 regular season games and 1 playoff.
  12. passed by who? the next closest team that would bump them is Arizona...and they are 15 points away
  13. I watched that a couple of times. To me, Wideman looks out of it, and woozy - you can see him just starring at the ice while sitting on the bench. The only reasonable explanation is he was so disoriented he really had no idea what he was doing. Concussions and brain trauma are so freaky... I could be wrong, but I don't think Wideman has ever faced supplemental discipline before. This seems way out of character. To me, the hit looks intentional. No doubt about that. But I honestly do not think Wideman knew what he was doing at the time of the infraction. At this point, I am more concerned about Wideman's health over anything.
  14. they need to bring these back