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  1. Toews is by far my favourite player and its great to see him donate to such a great cause.
  2. I wish Larsen a speedy recovery and hope that he is okay. The hit to me was clean. If you want Hall to let up...then you may as well ban hits from the game completely. IIRC the NFL has banned certain hits on certain players. Perhaps something like that
  3. I only like the Sekeres and Price show...can't stand anyone else
  4. wow i didn't know that. I just found an old GlobalTV clip about it. Terrible name and logo haha
  5. Linesman got in the way and Kesler looks like he thinks its broken up. Linesman either has to break it up or let it go...not half@ss it...
  6. I think Aquilini will give Linden and Benning the entire season and maybe 3 months into next season (Jan 2018). If he doesn't see any improvement by then, I can see him firing both. Aquilini is a results and money guy...thus the current retool. That being said...I give Willie till the end of December 2016. If the team stays status quo, I think he is gone.
  7. I guess the NHL and NHLPA just wanted the players and staff to enjoy Halloween with their family. I like the move!
  8. Soon?
  9. 4-1 Capitals. Canucks score with 5 minutes left to break the shut out. Out side of offence.
  10. I agree that it is good to recognize the indigenous people, however in my opinion, it seems we are simply "recognizing" for the sake of recognizing. I have watched and attended various meetings where the indigenous people are recognized, but I wonder how many people truly feel gratitude, or merely say the line for the sake of it. When Prince William spoke, he recognized the indigenous people, however I doubt there was any true connection/feeling/gratitude. To me, it is worse when they use the "recognition" line, just as a line in order to be politically correct.
  11. Agreed. Whitecaps need a real grass field that they can brand and customize the experience. BC Place is just not good enough.
  12. Yea, there isn't any room for expansion in Vancouver anymore. Outside of the new St Paul's Hospital site...I don't see a big chunk of land. I wonder if the Lions/Whitecaps will one day pack up shop like the Giants did and move to Surrey.
  13. Yea Rupert Station & Renfrew are near by, but fans would still need to take the 27/16 up to the Stadium. I think Concord Pacific owns all that land (see the viaduct removal mockups)... not sure though.
  14. I loved Empire...the temp stadium was loads better for football. As others have was terrible for transit. I think only a few bus lines went near it? (135, 27, 16). So not too friendly in that aspect. I would have loved having an outdoor Waterfront stadium. A grass pitch would meant a lot of the superstars who hate turf, might actually have played here instead of claiming injury. Even after the renovation, BC Place feels empty and a big bag of hurt.