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  1. I can take over any team that's been inactive. Been a part of many STHS leagues including the first one that started here back in 08 the CFHL.
  2. any teams available?
  3. put me on dat waiting list.
  4. And by everyone, I mean.... The Sedins- Would be very hard to get them so you can try but dont try. Shinkaruk, Gaunce, Horvat and Jensen can all go as well. I want to win now not tomorrow
  5. Ill join later tonight boys. Canucks are willing to trade anyone.
  6. Wow, the only reason I didnt get Season Ticket is because I thought id have to pay another 70$ for the early release once I bought ST.... oh well, only 2 days now anyways.
  7. Im confused. If I bought Season Ticket today, does it come with the downloadable game for free? Or do I have to buy the game as well? I already pre ordered it from EB.
  8. Canucks will move anyone that is not Henrik or Daniel Sedin.
  9. Ill take Vancouver psn- canucksumit94
  10. you're nuts bro
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. happy b-day!!..again :P