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  1. Garibaldi lake is 1500m, around the same as whistler. You can see Whistler from the top of Black Tusk. It's awesome in the winter, but you need snowshoes or skiis.
  2. I don't often go alone, maybe 1-2 day trips a year, occasionally I do a weekend trip alone. I enjoy the solitude and the simplicity of solo trips. It's just hiking, cooking, eating. I have my own schedule. I'll watch the sun go down on a peak, climb down, eat some dinner go to bed, wake up, make some hot chocolate, watch the sun rise or wake up super early and watch the sun rise from a peak, read, just sit there and soak in my surroundings, it's peaceful. Although it's a lot safer to go with someone else, and there are a lot of really awesome things about having someone with you too. Black Tusk is one of my favorite trips. there are a lot of people but it's beautiful up there. Once you break out of switch backs (first 6-7km) and you hit the meadows it's amazing. Definitely add it to your to-do list. It's still doable next weekend if it's nice.
  3. Ah the water problem, I have had that happen to me and ever since then I ALWAYS bring A+B solution from MEC. Although depending on where I am I don't always bother with purification. There are a few things you should always take when going hiking (unless you're doing the grind or something) 1) Headlamp (you might also decide that it's so beautiful where you are and you want to watch the sunset on top of a mountain which is ALWAYS epic)2) Emergency blanket (I was climbing Wedge Mountain a few years ago when the weather turned nasty really fast. My climbing partner and I found a gully out of the elements and had to space blanket it up until the storm passed, saved my life. I also know a guy who broke his leg hiking and SAR couldn't get to him the next day so he had to use his over night)3) Water purification4) A little extra food, i always have one of the dehydrated food bags that you buy from MEC in my pack, just add water and it's edible and gives energy. 4) A knifeDepending on where I am I may bring an insulating layer of clothing with me, however if it's a really tame area (Garibaldi lake) and I'm going for a day hike, I will likely just leave it in the car. If I get hurt and have to make an overnight stay, it wouldn't be difficult to have someone go get it for me.
  4. The trailhead is at the Rubble Creek parking lot. It's really easy to get to and well signed along the sea to sky past Squamish. It's a paved road right up the trailhead with a MASSIVE parking lot. It opens up great hiking to Garibaldi Lake, Mt. Price, Black Tusk, Panaorama Ridge,helm peak and cheakamus lake (although there's another trailhead that closer for cheakamus. All of those are excellent hikes. I wouldn't really recommend over night camping up there on weekends though. It's a zoo on weekends and proper back country etiquette is not observed with people pissing into streams, lighting camp fires, and littering. They are all excellent day trips during the summer when you have lots of light though. During the week it's decent for camping, just purify the frack out of the water.
  5. There is also Mt. Elsay somewhere near Burnaby, however I have never been there and not really sure where the trailhead is.You can get more info at www.clubtread.comThe trip reports section of the forum is awesome!
  6. I do a lot of hiking around, so if you have questions/want to get into hiking/climbing more seriously, shoot me a PM. The first thing you need to do is buy a book called Scrambles in NorthWest British Columbia by Matt Gunn, you can buy it from Cairn Publishing. It's an outstanding book with detailed route descriptions and driving details. http://cairnpublishi...s/scrambles.htm Some excellent day trips are: 1) Black Tusk (take the chimney and climb all the day to the top), should take around 8-10 hours 2) Wedgemount Lake - This is just a little past Whistler (a couple of kms), this is surrounded by massive peaks and glaciers. There's a really cool ice cave right there too. From Wedgemount lake you can climb Mt. Cook as an easy day hike, or Mt. Weart/Rethel/Parkhurst as more complicated climbs. However just getting up to wedgemount lake and exploring around the ice cave, the glaciers and the camp site is an outstanding way to spend a day as well. 3) Brandywine Mountain is awesome. Pretty easy quick day hike from Vancouver, I'm doing this in a couple weeks with a couple buddies. (Middle peak) The route to the top goes waaaaay left and then right along the ridge, you don't go straight up, it's just hiking on scree/talus) 4) Cypress Peak is another great one, it's near Brandywine, if you want to be really adventurous start climbing Cypress, head north along the ridges to Brandywine, and descend through the meadows to the Brandywine Parking lot. 5) There's always Manning Park too which has a ton of awesome trails that are pretty easy to follow. Once you start getting more experience, you can start to do some really exciting hikes and climbs like Ashlu Mountain, Ossa Mtn, Tricouni, Skypilot, Welch, and a lot more. The BC Mountaineering Club and Alpine Club of Canada are great orgs to join to get into groups and get some experience. I did Skypilot with the BCMC last year and had a great a great experience. Let me know if you want more info! We need more people to get outside and enjoy the BC Parks and outdoors so the BC Parks budget isn't the first one to get slashed ever year.
  7. Yes that's best, best of luck to you.
  8. Storm of Swords > Clash of Kings > Game of Thrones > Feast for Crows Haven't finished the 5th one yet. Storm of Swords will knock your teeth out.
  9. I think he will. What happened was that he was planning on having a 10 year gap between books and 3 and 4, basically wrote a bunch of books doing that, realized it sucked and started all over. I think we can expect a book every 1-2 years.
  10. Irrelevant. He wanted Jason ???? Krog instead of Burrows. That is just inexcusable stupidity. Plus this thread has really just evolved into more of an appreciation for Burrows thread instead of a bash OP thread.
  11. The next book is confirmed for july release finally.
  12. Rickon is in there, he is in the part where Bran is shooting the bow and when the king arrives and all the stark children line up when the king arrives. Dany is SO gorgeous.
  13. I really REALLY liked it. The casting is superb. My only issue is with the Drogo/Dany sex scene. In the book he was very gentle with her and it was her choice to go ahead or else he would not have. That was a defining moment for Drogo because it showed that he was more than just a blood thirsty ravenous barbarian. It set up the possibility that she could love him. In the show he basically raped her. I dunno, not a big deal but kind of a big deal to me. Also I really don't want an event that is going to happen at the end of the 1st book to happen, or the event that happens in the 3rd book to happen. I LOVE those characters and the casting so much.
  14. I love the person who invented the PVR.