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  1. Hi there How's it going.:)

  2. hey, I think I ave you on MSN, but I have only seen you on there once. whats the deal?

  3. Ya I'm still around. Not online though because I have real-life things to do now. What's up?

  4. sarah. you alive? this is kevin!

  5. OMG Snow?

  6. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    OMG Westy, you look SO familiar.
  7. I am not going back to Powerdrill. I can get my Chester, greer, Modo, and you somewhere else. Or am I the same as them now? Am I tainted Sarah?

  8. You had me on your friends list, but I didn't have you on my friends list. That's kind of like e-rejection. Ouch.

  9. people may start to think things...

  10. and now I'm filling up you whole wall.

  11. how awkward. now I have no reason to be here.

  12. wait, what. I'm already friends with you.

  13. hello. special friends?