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  1. The Flaw of this Team Does Not Lie Within Coaching

    Nailed it. Agreed with 100% you're saying and have especially believed in 1,2 and 4.
  2. Letter from Mike Gillis to Canucks STH

    Aquilinis make me sick to my stomach. I'm pretty sure they devised this plan for MG to write out to the season ticket members in order to retain their $$$.
  3. Raymond looked Gillis in the eye and laughed

    It doesn't matter what he does in the regular season, what matters is what he DOES in the playoffs. Weve had 3+ years of him on the 2nd line during the playoffs and he just didn't get it done. Could he have the same point production with the Canucks this year had we signed him? Yes without a doubt. But we had to let him walk cause we need actual game breakers. However, Gillis should be fired nonetheless.
  4. Free Torts t-shirts

    I know those guys are making those shirts all in good fun, but to be honest it's really an insult and an embarrassment to Coach Tortorella. As for the Downie situation, whatever cause he's a professional hockey player. The ones we go pay to see when buying tickets... We don't pay tickets to watch coaches. I really don't like those Free Torts slogan as it makes us our hockey club look like a joke. Just brush it aside and wait till he comes back ffs. Stop making this whole situation a big deal. I don't understand why majority of Canucks fans always find something so minuscule and witty to glorify until they find something new. I can understand why the corporation shut those guys down in creating those shirts. It's an embarrassment to the Nucks organization! Although I agree those corporate jerks are a-holes for being so greedy but at the same time, same thing can be said for those guys making the shirts. The ulterior motive was knowing they'd be able to sell these shirt and make some good profit rather than supporting Torts. Even if they were trying to "support", i'm pretty sure coache's don't need that extra push and support to help them coach better. As for the players, that's a different story.
  5. Roberto Luongo Tribute | Live Forever [Montage]

    It's a good video but I really don't like it when all these videos about the Canucks or Luongo have to have them getting scored on by the Bruins or Hawks. I know it's to show redemption and all that but it actually makes it seem like those scenarios were a really big deal to the player. Showing the other teams score make it seem like those teams are absolutely untouchable and that they did so much damage to us. This is why the Canucks intro at rogers arena before playoffs games don't have these clips about the past failures etc. cause it's unnecessary. You learn from your mistake but you never replay it in your mind. Stuff like that should be left out for the professionals like CBC intros so that it shows both sides and if you're a canucks fan, leave that stuff out.
  6. Blue and Green till I die

  7. Thread Titles 5 Years From Now?

    "Now that Don Cherry is off the air in hockey night in we still hate cbc?"
  8. enough of the "ballard-grabner trade" topics... WE GET IT..... we got the better deal !

  9. at first i was questioning the trade, but now i really like it. Welcome to VANCITY BALLARD and ORESKOVICH

    1. ReverendMayhem93

      vancouver needs more people like you.

  10. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Also don't forget that back when Holden was drafted it was the old nhl that didnt benefit the smaller, quicker players whereas the new nhl now really benefits those type of players like kane, gionta, etc. I really like Schroeder not just for his skills but also the swagger he has. He looks like an A-hole, something the canucks need more of.