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  1. Isn't it the same stuff they put in Starbucks sandwiches and other chains? Fake news, fake chicken. What's next? The stuff probably has a shelf life of 4 years.
  2. A recent W5 story about Creep Catchers - if you can tolerate the bad quality. I found it very informative and interesting. Really sheds light on this trailer park operation:
  3. Sorry, you can’t say Christmas here because you’re going to offend the people that are worried about offending other people (When in reality nobody takes offence). Happy Winter Day to all!!
  4. No judgement here. No flaming. You’re totally in your right to fire off your opinion from your parent’s basement
  5. Creep Catchers is always hiring. Requirements: - cell phone - pitch fork - torch - no education required
  6. You make an excellent point. In my work as a mental health professional I have heard countless stories of sexual abuse and its negative psychological impact. The stories I’ve heard relate to clients having been abused by uncles, step-fathers, neighbors and yes even fathers. This does not get any play. Instead Creep Catchers (CC) will have us believe that there are 14-year-old children everywhere being lured into parking lots by balding middle age men with beer bellies and no teeth. This happens all the time, I’m sure. In my 30 years of listening attentively to clients I have never heard this story - not once. Not to say that this never happens and children do need to be careful about being exploited online. This is a parents’ responsibility. Like little children playing with matches its only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. One person has already committed suicide and there will me more. Save for a former member who now condemns the group’s actions, Creep Catchers (CC) and their band of uneducated vigilantes are content with this crude, and often misguided approach. The big payoff for CC: attention and they so desperately crave and would otherwise not have access to. If CC cared about children, they would work with the police to raise awareness – legitimately - and they would put their efforts into raising funds and resources for victims.
  7. Putting out the vibe... Lucic to Van would at least be entertaining : )
  8. oops I attached a photo it is way too large - can't seem to downsize
  9. Term and $ notwithstanding – Lucic brings character- plain and simple. In case you haven’t noticed Canucks lack character. Back to back president’s trophies. Tons of skill – no cup.
  10. thanks for the insight personal friend of Benn's Mom
  11. I really miss his endless pages of useless copy/paste legalese - scroll, scroll. His RIGID, concrete thought process. Not to mention his patronizing and sarcastic comments.
  12. Unfortunatly, Boston and Chicago are interchangable.
  13. Is timid and eats prunes Mondays to Fridays.
  14. Feels that others are out to persecute him. Yet, is willing to passively accept this and even use humour as a defense.
  15. You're not going to ask about your potential?