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  1. [Confirmed] Jim Benning signs as new Canucks GM

    This makes a lost season completely worth it if it happens. Benning as GM please.
  2. [Report] President Trevor Linden

    Listened to the 1040 interview with Linden and he is winning me over quickly. Get Jim Benning or Ron Hextall for GM and we are on our way. As much as this looks like a PR move, and it is, it's also about turning around the public perception of the team for fans, potential free agents and for players currently on the team. If you want the team to be a popular place for players, this is the way to go.
  3. [Report] Mike Gillis Fired

    If they hire Feaster... April Fool's Day was last week! I was on the fence with Gillis, but Feaster is terrible. Bring in someone new, but someone who has experience. I mentioned Jim Benning a few weeks back. That's the kind of guy the Canucks need running this team.
  4. It Pays To Lose

    If Nylander drops to 13th, he will be boom or bust. I think he could be a steal. I know they need a forward, but if the Canucks nabbed Fleury, he could be that future top 4 blueliner they don't have in their system.
  5. Cheering against the Leafs is fun.

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    2. BanTSN
    3. Kryten


      Nothing is better than seeing them go from a sure playoff position to out the running.

    4. Tearloch7


      .."when danger raised its ugly head, they bravely turned their tails and fled" .. Leaf leadership found lacking

  6. Mike Gillis Should Stay

    It was a baffling turn after losing to Boston in 2011, trying to add grit at the expense of scoring ability when the Canucks only scored 8 goals in a 7 game final. There has been an abundance of 3rd and 4th line players, but the quality of the bottom six has not been very good for a long time now. In the playoffs, teams that can roll four lines win. I think this year was a failure because the team didn't fully commit to getting younger or getting better. The locker room got stale and this is the end result. The injuries just amplified the problem.
  7. Jason Garrison potential buyout candidate

    He had a good season last year and this year has been a mess from top to bottom with the Canucks. I agree he's been brutal, but Edler is worse. It's giving me Nordmark flashbacks.
  8. The Leafs Choking Again

    All I have heard on TSN and CBC for months is gloating about how good Toronto is and how bad Vancouver is. It would be fitting if both teams missed the playoffs. I don't have an allegiance to any Canadian team just because they play in Canada. There are plenty of good Canadian players to cheer for on American teams.
  9. Every player with a goal or assist in the win over Buffalo was a Gillis acquisition as well as the winning goaltender.

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    2. Mikael Samuelsson

      Mikael Samuelsson

      If only every game was against Buffalo. MG would be a genius! Good pickups either way.

    3. Dazzle


      MG got outscheduled.

    4. Dazzle


      The team is in the position that they are because of MG too.

  10. Letter from Mike Gillis to Canucks STH

    He could have saved himself time and just sent the fans a link to this video.
  11. [Report] Kesler is still a Canuck

    So this means Gillis is likely gone then. I actually agree with that. If the owner wants a new GM to head up a rebuild/retool, then just straight up block Gillis from dealing away core players. I wonder if Gillis called LaFontaine for advice after the deal was blocked.
  12. It is a tough time to cheer for the Canucks, with a season going so wrong from one that had started out so well. Things looked good at Christmas, but it's been really poor since then. There is a lot of reactionary talk on the forum and I honestly don't agree with 99% of what I am reading, so I opted to go the blog route. New posts on the forum tend to either get torn apart or potentially locked, so there's that to consider as well. Throwing away this team's core for nothing or for middling draft picks and prospects is a really bad idea. The idea that the team can be fixed by tanking and drafting early is a bad idea as well. Yes, Chicago and Pittsburgh did that, but they also signed some great depth and the Pens got two guys in Malkin and Crosby who simply make them nearly unstoppable. I could point to the Islanders, Columbus, Florida and Edmonton as examples of why blowing everything up could mean disaster. Gillis has signed this core and right now it isn't playing to its full potential. This can be seen as Tortorella's fault on some level, and maybe they change the coach again after this season. The thing is, Gillis has signed guys for below market value and the Canucks have managed to get free agents. He has signed both UFA guys like Garrison and Hamhuis as well as college kids like Tanev or European talents like Lack and Eriksson. They come here, in part, due to the reputation the team has had for winning and for the team atmosphere. Everything on that level looks broken right now. The team cannot score. They have zero confidence as a team. They play back and they play not to lose. This season is lost. I saw that early in January and I have seen it with the Canucks for a long time. If you look at any playoff exit since 2006, before Gillis was in the picture, this team has never been good at turning momentum back in their favor. Now that has carried over into the regular season as well. There is no magic wand to be waved here. There are no easy answers. Okay, you ditch Luongo and get what back? You want cap space? Okay, but if you're right no one wants to sign here, you're just saving the owner some money. It's not like ticket prices will drop if the team's salary goes down. I don't have as big an issue with the decision to start Lack over Luongo in the Heritage Classic as others do. It's one game out of 82 and the team has won one of its last ten. Torts was playing a hunch and he lost. My issue is that this can even be an issue right now. Everyone seems ready to ditch Gillis, but I don't see a lot of solutions outside of trade proposals which are usually terrible ones. The real solution has to start with Gillis. Sit down with the Sedins, Kesler, Luongo, Bieksa, Burrows and any key guys in this line up and ask them what THEY think will work. Keep Tortorella out of the meeting for the first hour. Swear they can talk off the record and say whatever they want. If they want to vent about the stifling system they are being forced to play, let them. Let them discuss who they feel should go and why. Have them honestly grade their performances. These guys have played together for almost a decade, so honesty should not be a problem within this group. Ask them where the team should be headed and whether or not they want to be a part of the process going forward. At the end, ask if they want to meet with the coach, If the vote is a no, then sit with Tortorella after that meeting and tell him what they said, without naming names and causing more internal strife. If Tortorella is not on the same page, then as a GM make a decision about who you feel is right or wrong. If Tortorella is badly out of touch, you let him go right now. You do not wait until the end of the season. You then hire the most player friendly coach to finish the year you can find and work to repair the broken relationships on the roster. Notice I didn't say who to trade or who to trade for. There is something wrong internally and bringing in new players likely won't fix it. If there is something that wrong and Kesler was openly whining during the Olympics, then the entire league knows the Vancouver locker room is toxic right now. Players will not want to come here. My main concern is that a knee-jerk reaction and dealing away key guys could lead to five or six down years before the Canucks show they can hold their own with the best in the NHL again. The Vancouver market is not known for supporting losing teams for very long. Combine a weak Canadian dollar with low attendance figures and tell me how much worse things get. Maybe the internal salary cap drops so the owner can make a profit and the Canucks become like the Islanders money-wise. I am not going to stop supporting the team because of down times. I never have. I never abandoned Boston even when O'Connell was the GM and when Ray Bourque had to head to Denver to win a Cup. That was as dark as it got, but I kept cheering for them anyway. Yeah, I know the Bruins and Canucks don't get along, but I picked Boston when Neely went there and never imagined they would ever meet in the Finals. I certainly had no clue they would get along so badly when they did either. My point is, as dark as things look for the Canucks right now, just throwing everything and everyone out would be a mistake. There are some good young players on the team, some solid prospects developing and there could be a solid draft pick or two picked up this year as well. Even in poor draft years there are solid players drafted. During the pre-season, I was excited by Gaunce, Shinkaruk, Horvat and Corrado and I still think those guys have a solid future with the Canucks. Maybe I have to take time away from the Canucks' forum right now. It just seems to devolve into pointless arguing and the same stupid trade proposals. If pointless arguing and stupid trade proposals are going on in the GM's office, then the team is in real trouble. Cooler heads have to prevail. Make the Canucks a team players want to come to again.
  13. Kesler and Higgins are the only forwards who have looked dangerous during the team's recent slide. If Kesler is traded for Sutter (who can't score), a poor first round pick and an average blueline prospect, I will be ready to join the "Fire MG!" crowd. If that's the best deal being offered, then hold onto him until the draft. The team needs a major shake up, but just handing off Kesler for a bad return is not the right move to make. I still don't understand why the Pens would want him either since it drops him to the third line.
  14. Dear Lord people need to chill out. The cancer to this team is any fan who booed Lack during the game. That's the problem here. When Boston starts Chad Johnson, I don't flip out because they didn't start Rask. Luongo will start the next game they play. Unless Lack or Luongo start scoring goals, the real cancer to the team (not scoring) will take them out of the race within the next two weeks.
  15. I am a fan of Lou and all, but if not starting this game is going to destroy any hopes of him staying here, that's insane. There is no way fans in this city will have the patience for a rebuild, none. It was a game against Ottawa. Yes, it was in a dome, but it's not like they were playing for the conference lead or that this team is going anywhere. It's one game. Why does this city crave goalie controversies?