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  1. Someone's been playing too much NHL 14.
  2. [Signing] Leafs sign Mason Raymond

    But, Raymond was ice cold the last 1/4 of the season. He didn't have a goal in 14 games, or even a point in the last 5. He was a -6 over that period. When the Leafs needed to turn the ship around, he was a part of the problem and not the solution.
  3. Not bad, but my favorite is still the one Hirsch had.
  4. [Confirmed] Jim Benning signs as new Canucks GM

    This makes a lost season completely worth it if it happens. Benning as GM please.
  5. We should be scouting playmakers, not snipers.

    Stastny will be the next good player who gets an insane contract they can never live up to. The Canucks don't really need more of those. They need depth and those contracts kill depth. This year's free agent market is shallow and the crazy money will likely be crazier than last year.
  6. We should be scouting playmakers, not snipers.

    I agree with the size part of it. Goal scoring is tricky because it is really hard to train someone to score goals. The defensive parts of the game can be easily learned by prospects, but if someone has a great shot, it is hard to pass on that. Tuch or Virtanen would be good additions. That said, if Leon Draisaitl were still available when we pick, could the new Canucks GM pass on him?
  7. We should be scouting playmakers, not snipers.

    Take the best player available. No prospect is guaranteed to make it, so don't assume any junior player will be the same player in the NHL as he was in the WHL. Manny Malhotra comes to mind as a player who has made a career out of being a solid defensive forward, #3 center, but when he was drafted he was seen as a future star in the NHL. I also don't consider a single player on the current Canucks team a true sniper. Kesler is close, but that's it. If someone projects to be a Corey Perry type and we trade down to let someone else take him, we'll look stupid within three years.
  8. [Report] Pat Quinn open to joining Canucks

    It is ironic that Mike Gillis was trying to recreate a team to beat the Bruins after the 2011 finals and now the team seems to be moving that way by firing him and hiring Linden, much like Boston did when it hired Neely. I would be very happy with Quinn advising Linden. I am already stoked for next season.
  9. [Report] President Trevor Linden

    Listened to the 1040 interview with Linden and he is winning me over quickly. Get Jim Benning or Ron Hextall for GM and we are on our way. As much as this looks like a PR move, and it is, it's also about turning around the public perception of the team for fans, potential free agents and for players currently on the team. If you want the team to be a popular place for players, this is the way to go.
  10. New image, new identity... New jerseys?

    No, most of the concept jerseys are hideous. Stay with what we have and use the skate jerseys as thirds.
  11. [Report] Mike Gillis Fired

    If they hire Feaster... April Fool's Day was last week! I was on the fence with Gillis, but Feaster is terrible. Bring in someone new, but someone who has experience. I mentioned Jim Benning a few weeks back. That's the kind of guy the Canucks need running this team.
  12. Owners are handcuffing the team

    But if the owners want a team in the playoffs, isn't that a good thing? They could have cut their team's salaries down and made a profit next year even with empty seats. I could care less WHY they want a playoff team. If they find a GM who can get us to the playoffs every year, I have no beef with it. I don't necessarily agree with the timing of firing Gillis or firing him in general, but the team has become dysfunctional. It should not be a surprise if Kesler expressed a desire to move on. Luongo should not have been surprised to get moved to Florida. The Schneider move shouldn't have surprised Schneider. Gillis has been reactionary himself. Ultimately, that's what cost the team the playoffs this season and his job.
  13. It Pays To Lose

    If Nylander drops to 13th, he will be boom or bust. I think he could be a steal. I know they need a forward, but if the Canucks nabbed Fleury, he could be that future top 4 blueliner they don't have in their system.
  14. [PGT] Nucks 2, Kings 1

    Great game, and this is why I am excited for next year. Add Horvat and Shinkaruk and who knows? This team is showing how they can play when healthy.
  15. Cheering against the Leafs is fun.

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      Nothing is better than seeing them go from a sure playoff position to out the running.

    4. Tearloch7


      .."when danger raised its ugly head, they bravely turned their tails and fled" .. Leaf leadership found lacking